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Ray (or Raymond) Engel passed away on February 1, 2011 at home. Ray left behind him numerous cousins and many dear friends here in Los Angeles.
SINCE 1995
Click here to view the close-up magic of Ray Engel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMNJdicRk-0&feature=youtube_gdata
Click here to view the close-up magic of Ray Engel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOyF_uYDU64
NORWOOD YOUNG held a party for the release of his new book "GETTING BACK TO MY ME." I have to say, NORWOOD YOUNG is one of the best party hosts in all of Los Angeles. His parties are always dynamic, entertaining, and full of wonderful people. I can't believe what a fabulous singer and entertainer he is also. I will always look forward to his next party, and his next one, and his next one, and his next one. Norwood, let me show you what my talent is, Close-up magic, by having you as my guest at the Magic Castle, and doing a private VIP show for you.
PLAYBOY MANSION Gourmet Dinner and Liquor Tasting Presentation. It was a wonderful evening. The food was sensational and playmates were available for tours of the Mansion. The Grotto is simply amazing. The tasting presentation of the various liquors was most fascinating. What an experience to go to the Playboy Mansion. What a shame you were not part of my group so that I could have shared this with you.
WESTERN FOODSERVICE AND HOSPITALITY EXPO. What an educational experience to learn about every new restaurant food item and equipment item. This is one of the best trade shows produced. There were over 500 booths. To sample cuisine prepared by manufacturers and get an educational viewpoint about each item is a gratifying experience. As a member of the press, I like to maximize my knowledge about any given subject area, and you could not walk away from this show without learning a lot about the restaurant business. http://www.westernfoodexpola.com
Art Gallery in Beverly Hills where ELTON JOHN was present. You could have chatted with Elton. He was so very friendly.
VOGUE TAKES BEVERLY HILLS. Another great Sunday afternoon with exciting fashion shows, live music, free samples, a great crowd of people. The entire Rodeo Drive is open.
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. DICK CLARK did it again with the very best AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS ever. I like the maximum amount of acts and it was wall-to-wall entertainment for 3 solid hours, that went by so quickly. There was a new innovation this year, and I wonder why they never thought of this before: 2 stages of entertainment. While one act was performing, the other area was being set up. Seeing BRITNEY SPEARS and JESSICA SIMPSON in person really got my juices flowing. Opening the show with BRITNEY SPEARS and KID ROCK was the best idea possible. Watching BRITNEY SPEARS is indeed an exciting example of superb musical staging, and I was surprised with the fabulous voice power of KID ROCK. His rendition of FEEL LIKE MAKIN' LOVE was so vocally powerful. The staging of musical numbers from ASHANTI and OUTKAST were also fabulous. Ashanti had actual rain, and fire, and showers of sparks. OUTKAST had a model jet plane, and many sexy dancers. Every act was so enjoyable to listen to. My favorite part of the show is showing memorable moments from the past, and I wish this segment were always longer. One of the past clips had a humorous punchline with Dick Clark, believe it or not, in a dress. Every year, this is my favorite experience of seeing the best 3 hours on television, the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS.
TASTE OF SANTA MONICA at the Santa Monica Pier. A fun filled day of food, drink and entertainment hosted by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce. A selection of Santa Monica's finest restaurants served a wide range of gourmet dishes such as Duck Confit, Shrimp and Papaya Salad, Hawaiian Style BBQ Ribs, Korean Fire Chicken, and sweet treats such as Caramelized Banana Tart. My favorite tasting of the afternoon was from the Whole Foods Market, which was a piece of perfectly cooked salmon over very healthy dark leafy greens. The greens had a very strong flavor. I would like to know what this particular green is called. My second favorite tasting experience was the warm lobster dip from The Lobster Restaurant, which is at the beginning of the Santa Monica Pier. It had a flavor that sent my taste buds thru the roof. Don't miss this event every year. (310) 393-9825 ext. 16. http://www.tasteofsantamonica.com.
SHANE BLACK, the writer of "Lethal Weapon," holds his annual costume party extravaganza at his incredible mansion in Hancock Park. This party is by invitation only, and is the absolute best costume party in the history of the world. Shane, you are to be commended for the excellence of your party, and for your hospitality. We want to thank you very much. If you are lucky enough to know Shane Black, and to receive an invitation to his costume party, you are in a very select group; and should be very grateful, as we are. Shane Black is being honored for his screenwriting achievements at the Sheraton Universal Hotel.
DENNIS RODMAN party at the club he owns JOSH SLOCUMS, 2601 W. Coast Highway in Newport Beach. (949) 263-4152 guest list and (949) 642-5935 dinner reservations. It was the launch party for the VON DUTCH ORIGINALS clothing line. When I walked in, there he was sitting in the corner smoking a big stogie, with a big smile on his face. Dennis Rodman, you are indeed a one-of-a-kind. What a fabulous party loaded with hot chicks from wall to wall. And the club is right on the water with a beautiful view of 100 yachts. This was a typical Dennis Rodman type crowd with a lot of guys with spiked hair and a lot of cleavage shown. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by Josh Slocums and say hello to Dennis.
U2 alert!! I had the privilege of seeing the U2 dress rehearsal at the Sports Arena. WHAT A SHOW!!! This has to be the most expensive rock and roll touring show ever. The lighting effects are just unbelievable. They must have had 100 meetings on discussing and creating these lighting effects. The music speaks for itself. You could have joined me at this show. Now I don't have to see the U2 show. It's old news to me.
UNDERSHARE'S 2nd ANNUAL LINGERIE FASHION SHOW "GLITZ AND GLAMOUR UNDERDRESSED" at the Derby Hollywood. What a wonderful experience. The fashion show featured both vintage and modern lingerie designs in a spectacular and very enjoyable show. This was the second fundraiser of its kind for UnderShare, Inc. a charity that raises money for Los Angeles area women's shelters, transitional living centers, homeless shelters and other support organizations. UnderShare, Inc. has donated numerous pairs of underwear and socks to local and national shelters. (626) 215-3874 http://www.undershare.org.
J. RUSSELL BROWN hosted a business mixer in his spectacular downtown loft. Right out of ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, his loft has such fabulous ambience for a party. I loved the natural brick walls with lighting accents coming from below emphasizing the dramatic nooks and crannies. Totally remodeled, it had many areas of conversation spaces where one could congregate. Everyone was very friendly and, as usual, there was a gourmet buffet of all kinds of delicacies. There were doorprizes, and an open bar of whatever you might like. You couldn't ask for anything more in a business mixer. We look forward to doing write-ups about future business mixers.
KARINA is one of the most wonderful producers of pageants in Los Angeles. Her QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE pageant is a remarkable production.
DEATH DEFYING ACTS about HOUDINI from the Weinstein Company. Recreating Houdini as the rockstar of his time was so entertaining; and you just can't beat looking at Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is so romantic. Guy Pierce is so personable and likeable as Houdini. A perfect choice. Being a magician myself, I thought I was going to get upset that they were going to expose the water torture cell escape. But they did the right thing, and did not expose it. At the end, the scene where Houdini was punched in the stomach and died was so touching.
HOLLYWOOD PARK RACETRACK featuring the BIKINI BEACH MILE. What a one-of-a-kind and humorous event created by Jim "Poorman" Trenton. "The Poorman" is to be commended for creating such an entertaining event. What a trip to see16 bikini clad models running their hearts out to win the footrace. The food in the restaurant of the HOLLYWOOD PARK RACETRACK is just superb. A wide variety of appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. It is Las Vegas quality. We look forward to making this our annual visit to HOLLYWOOD PARK RACETRACK. We also look forward to visiting the pressbox and giving you a write-up of this experience, and the pleasant hospitality that they give to the press.
MAMMA MIA!, the smash hit musical with the songs of ABBA, at the Pasadena Civic. Your last chance to see this fabulous, uplifting show will be at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center. I was humming the songs of ABBA on the way to the show, and what a joy to hear all the songs in one show. "The winner takes it all" gave me goosebumps. You cannot leave the show without humming "Mamma Mia" to yourself. A tear came to my eye when "Mamma Mia" and "Dancing Queen" were performed because they were so joyful. At the end, the reprise of "Mamma Mia," I swear, also gave me goosebumps again. The upcoming shows of Theater League at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza are DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE, JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAM COAT, FOOTLOOSE, AND SIMPLY BALLROOM starring Debbie Reynolds. Call (805) 449-2775, or visit http://www.theaterleague.com.
TOM OGDEN, fellow magician and friend, has outdone himself with his latest book THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO STREET MAGIC. First of all, I couldn't believe the mammoth size of this 380 page literary work. If you are as intrigued by street magic as I am, I was in heaven reading this book. It is just a sensational book. Believe it or not, his next book is on "Haunted Highways." A book has probably never been written about this subject. http://www.tomogden.com
HADAKA SUSHI, across from Chateau Marmont, 8226 Sunset. What a fabulous birthday party for owner Edward Brick. If you like sushi, this is the place that has the absolute best sushi in town; and the most variety. Man, what a huge variety of sushi. The party was coordinated by the best public relations person in town Charmaine Blake. If you need public relations for your business, she is highly recommended.
STEVE MARTIN interviewed about comedy by CAROL BURNETT. Oh my God, what an incredible experience for once in my life to have an evening hearing Steve Martin discuss comedy with Carol Burnett. I counted the number of quips during the discussion and there were 1,412 quips. All entertaining. Unfortunately, I can only write about my 3 favorite quips from the one-and-only Steve Martin. Steve Martin was talking about how he was a writer on the Smothers Brothers show.and one time he was in the toilet in the men's room and he heard inside the toilet stall Richard Nixon impressionist David Frye rehearsing his act saying "My Fellow Americans". Also, another funny recollection was one time they had obese singer Kate Smith on the Smothers Brothers show and she brought a cake with her and she ate the whole cake herself, and someone commented "Well, I guess she has a sweet tusk". He also said "I did Dinah Shore...the show that is". We highly recommend the Town Hall Los Angeles events. I think the highlight of the evening would have been my quip that I would have said. I was in line to ask Steve Martin a question, and alas, time ran out, and I was not able to say what I was going to say which was "Hi Steve, I'm a fellow magician. Tell everyone roughing fluid has nothing to do with sex." They are having Barbara Walters on May 13th, 2008, 7:30pm, at the Writer's Guild Theatre, on Doheny just south of Wilshire. http://www.townhall-la.org.
HILLARY DUFF at the GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE at Universal Studios. Every song of HILLARY DUFF'S show was a sensational song. She must be offered hundreds of songs, and she really knows how to pick the songs that are going to be best for her. She really knows how to put on a fabulous show. Her band is extremely tight and great to listen to. I couldn't keep my eyes off one of her dancers, the shorter one with short black hair. If anyone reading this can get a message to this dancer, I would like to invite her to some movie premieres and celebrity parties. I'd like to know her name and what mixture of nationalities she is. She is just one of the best dancers I have ever seen. The surprise song of the night was HILLARY DUFF doing a cover of "Love is a Battlefield," the Pat Benatar song. Another highlight of the show was the last number that had a bellydancing sound and theme. What a great show. We want to thank Janette Baxa for her hospitality. We look forward to doing it again and again.
LOVE RIDE XX at Castaic Lake. Talk about comaraderie and a sense of brotherhood, just imagine 10,000 bikers, all on their best behavior. This was the the wonderful atmosphere at the famous bike ride. The bikers were all so polite and friendly, that it just fused a spirit of brotherly love within me. The atmosphere here is so entertaining; it is the highlight of my year to write about this event. The headliner this year was ZZ TOP. What an incredible sound they generate with just 3 bandmembers. The lead guitar, by itself, sounds like 3 guitars playing at one time. The sound of ZZ TOP is so distinctive and so energetic. I could listen to them again and again. The big question that stands out is how in the world are they going to top themselves next year. I can't wait to see who the headliner will be in 2004, because each year they successfully top themselves with a sensational act. We highly recommend the LOVE RIDE each year in November. http://www.glendaleharley.com.
MAYOR HAHN PRESENTED MAGIC JOHNSON WITH GETTY HOUSE FOUNDATION CITY OF ANGELS AWARD, given in recognition of contributions to the youth of Los Angeles from the local business community, at Getty House Foundation's 9th Annual City of Angels awards ceremony. Mayor Hahn presented the City of Angels award to Arden Realty, Inc. Chairman and CEO Richard Ziman and his wife, Children Uniting Nations founder Daphna Ziman. This award honors individuals who have devoted themselves to the betterment of the City of Los Angeles and its citizens. Getty House Foundation oversees Getty House, the official residence of the Mayor of Los Angeles. It administers many educational programs, including many opportunities for children. I had the pleasure of sitting with Patty Hill of the Larchmont Chronicle. When the former Mayor's wife, Nancy Riordan, was at the podium, her shawl slipped from her shoulders, and she quipped: "Oops, I don't want to do another Janet Jackson." This event was a very inspirational uplifting evening; and we look forward to reporting on it every year.
CROSBY, STILLS & NASH at the GREEK THEATRE. Graham Nash sang a very touching new song that was dedicated to the unfortunate national tragedy that happened on September 11th. This song brought tears to my eyes. It was so poignant. They did their entire repertoire of 30+ songs. My favorite song will always be "Love The One You're With". Steven Stills playing lead guitar is so unique and special. I could listen to him play for hours. The fascinating note selection and variations and colors of playing these notes is a delight to behold. Even the one song he played bass on was distinctive and one-of-a-kind like his lead guitar playing. As always, the Greek Theatre is an excellent venue for viewing a concert. The lighting and sound is always superb. I must say that there are two food items at the Greek Theatre that are unique to this venue that I must call your attention to. Their GARLIC FRENCH FRIES send my taste buds thru the roof. I don't know of any other facility that has french fries dosed in garlic. You can feel the garlic go throughout your system. It is a great food item. Also, if you order a hamburger or any other sandwich, you will enjoy the most unique, delicious, homemade gourmet potato chips you have ever tasted in your life. The potato chips are thick and toasted just right. Their flavor is unmatched from any potato chip I have ever had in my life. I just had to tell you and recommend the incredible garlic french fries and homemade potato chips at the GREEK THEATRE.
SADE live at the Hollywood Bowl was a wonderful experience. Featuring excellent songwriting and songs that stay with you each with something to say and all with deep emotion and meaning, it was a truly memorable evening. SADE gave all she had to each song and it was wonderful to see. The shows sold out the day they went on sale. I loved this show. Don't miss it if you have the opportunity. This show was produced by Clear Channel Entertainment. They produce most major shows in town, and they do it in such an excellent manner.
YES at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL. Comments from Ray Engel: Lead singer Jon Anderson has one of the most unique voices in the world. To hear "Yes" with the Hollywood Bowl Classical Orchestra was a true delight, with a very rich sound. I loved the hits of "Yes," and I must emphatically say that I was most tremendously let down that they did not do their biggest hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart." I have to vent my emotions in saying how disappointing it is for a group who are in concert for one night only to not do their biggest hits that people can identify with. Yes, "Yes," you are a fabulous, fabulous group, but my senses left the show with an empty feeling not having heard the song that I was yearning for "Owner of a Lonely Heart." "Yes" is one of the greatest groups of all time. I would go so far as to say I am heartbroken that the band that I love so much, chose not to play their greatest song. This concert was excellently produced by House of Blues Concerts, with Andrew Hewitt and Bill Silva presents. They produce the best shows in town.
YES at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL. Comments from staff writer: I actually had never seen YES. I had heard their many hits many times on the radio, so I did not know what to expect. I was surprised to experience an excellent concert. The parts I liked the most were these long instrumental sequences especially with the bass and the drums that were like voyages or stories into a different world. Many different colors and variations on a theme. Kind of like traveling somewhere unknown and experiencing new things and coming home after it was all over. Finally culminating with a song with Jon Anderson the lead singer on acoustic guitar. His voice is so distinctive. The sounds and experience of these extended instrumentals was nothing short of remarkable.
It was renewing to see PAUL WILLIAMS perform live at the ASCAP Songwriter's Showcase at Largo. He is an extraordinary songwriter. His songs are uplifting and it seems like time doesn't exist when listening to his songs. The audience of mostly songwriters was in a hush when he performed.
DONOVAN at the GALAXY THEATRE, 3503 S. Harbor Blvd, in Santa Ana, (714) 957-0600, website http://www.galaxytheatre.com. This 3 tiered hall had excellent sound and every seat is a good seat. A great place to see a show. DONOVAN captured the audience from the very first note. He looked young and energetic, and his voice was in perfect shape. His 2 hour set featured all of his hits as well as some fascinating musical creations. The intricacy of his guitar playing is a joy to behold. One younger audience member when leaving said "I never realized how good Donovan is." A very rewarding evening and I left the theatre feeling joy in my heart.
RODNEY DANGERFIELD premiered his new film "The 4th Tenor." I like to laugh. And my laughter is from my gut when an expertly written line is delivered so well by Mr. Rodney Dangerfield. Some of the new, young comedians; some of which are in the 10 million dollar range, I tire of somewhat quickly. I can never get enough of Mr. Rodney Dangerfield. Rodney, I'm ready for another new movie in an month, and another new one in 2 months. The party afterward was superb at the Napa Valley Grille. One of my favorite Rodney lines is: "I was standing at the urinal one day and lo and behold, who came running in quickly but Shaq O'Neil. Shag said whew, I just made it. I said back to him, well, Shaq, can you make one for me but in white." At the party, 2 of my favorite comics killed in the 5 minutes they were on: Dom Irrera and Paul Rodriguez. My favorite line of the night was Paul saying "Rodney is the only guy I know who has outlived his drugdealers." Flower arrangements in the film were from Rodney's wife Joan, http://www.jungleroses.com, who looked exceedingly hot, hot, hot; in her white poodle miniskirt. Rodney has got to be the only 81 year old guy on earth who is married to a hot chick that all the guys look at. Rodney also introduced his new wine. Not to be confused with the new Jewish whine: "I wanna go to Vegas." Be sure to visit Rodney's website http://www.rodney.com.
GEORGE LUCAS and STEVEN SPIELBERG speaking at the USC Norris Theatre concerning the Kay Rose Endowed Chair in the Art of Sound and Dialogue Editing, and the Kenneth Wannberg Chair in the Art of Music Editing at the USC School of Cinema-Television. It was such a privileged and enjoyable experience to hear George Lucas and Steven Spielberg speak from their heart about how much encouraging young filmmakers means to both of them. I will always remember their encouraging remarks to all of the young filmmakers in attendance. Both of them were broke, young filmmakers themselves at one time. I had the experience of having George Lucas as one of my classmates at USC cinema. I must say that USC Cinema always does events with class and dignity. The USC Marching Band played Tusk, and John Williams conducted the USC orchestra playing the Star Wars theme, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and various movie selections.
ROBERT EVANS certainly drew a crowd for the book signing of his fabulous book "THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE," at Book Soup on Sunset. I chatted with him briefly and he is such a friendly guy and is loaded with anecdotes of Hollywood, old and new. There was a long line, so I was disappointed that he didn't discuss the book as was promised in the Book Soup promotional material. To Book Soup: please have a discussion with him and question and answer session as you had with the fascinating Mike Medavoy, another important producer who had a lot of stories to tell. We highly recommend the Book Soup agenda of speakers each month. You can pick up a schedule every month at Book Soup, 8818 Sunset.
JASON LEE, the actor from "Vanilla Sky" and "Big Trouble," who always creates a special memorable character in his roles, held an opening of the art of Gottfriede Helnwein. This event was presented by the Jason Lee Foundation, the actor's new initiative to support new artists and artistic projects. The event was held in a spectacular loft-type complex with 4 separate buildings and a cozy patio with a fire in the middle. It was a great party for rambling thru all kinds of nooks and crannies and exploring the different art. Marilyn Manson was there with his girlfriend Dita. I am publicizing the upcoming "Swank" party hosted by Dita. Sean Penn was also there, and Roland Kickinger, the beefy bodyguard from the Howard Stern executive produced show "Son of the Beach," as well as Karen Black. The ambience of the party was absolutely fantastic, with a New York style atmosphere.
ALYSSA MILANO and VENICE ARTS welcomed their photographic exhibit, "Picturing a new South Africa: An Exploration of Culture and Hope," a joint project born out of two different excursions to South Africa's most downtrodden regions. What Alyssa Milano saw in the people and the environment inspired her to capture on film the heartache and the beauty of their daily living experiences. The work was shown in an attempt to convey their extraordinary spirit and support their progress. Special guest was Ellen Burstyn, the Oscar nominated actress. VENICE ARTS is an innovative arts center that brings artists together with low-income people to nurture their creativity, imagination, and talent. Venice Arts' program focuses on those whose access to the arts, as artists or audience, has been limited. It exposes them to tools, ideas and environments that help them express their creativity, build positive interethnic relationships, and improve their academic performance and job readiness.
MICHAEL LEVINE reception for his new book GUERRILLA PR WIRED, at McCormick & Schmick's, 206 N. Rodeo Drive. If you want to read a book that goes into detail about all kinds of various ways to get public relations implemented, then this is the book for you. There was a very high caliber class of people attending Michael Levine's book party. And I commend McCormick & Schmick's for their excellent hors d'oeuvres. Michael Levine is the top public relations professional in this town. He knows everything about everything dealing with public relations and he knows everyone. You can get details about his book and about his company at http://www.levinepr.com.
I am very grateful and fortunate to have a good relationship with the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. This is the event I look forward to each year more than any other, because the show gets better every year. How in the world are they going to top themselves next year? GWEN STEFANI and LENNY KRAVITZ got my juices flowing as the dual opening acts. Everyone has their favorite, and mine was the 10 minutes BON JOVI was on. I usually don't like loud music; but the experience of listening to "It's My Life" is best when the volume is louder than anything else in the world. This song gives me goosebumps, and I had never seen BON JOVI perform live. Then they did their new song "Have a Nice Day," another example of a BON JOVI song you are left humming after you hear it. It isn't out yet, so I look forward to hearing it again and again. My second favorite part of the show was the duet of ALICIA KEYS & USHER. I guess maybe this teaming will never happen again. Speaking of hot chicks, NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN wore a dress that, I don't know why, for some reason, I kept looking at.
LUKE JERMAY, fellow-magician and mentalist, gave a sensational lecture at THE MAGIC APPLE, 11390 Ventura Blvd., 2nd floor, Studio City, CA 91604. LUKE JERMAY is one of the most respected and creative and entertaining mentalists working today. His effects are not only entertaining, but also mind-blowing. By the way, if you want to get into magic, and buy a few tricks, there is absolutely no better place to introduce yourself to this fascinating art than THE MAGIC APPLE. I would strongly recommend that you enjoy the wonderful experience of a magic lecture where the performer does his tricks and then immediately explains them and takes questions from the audience. It is a wonderful and educational experience. THE MAGIC APPLE has a wide variety of self-working effects that you would like, and lectures on a regular basis. I look forward to doing another write-up of a future magician/lecturer, so I hope that Brent, the owner, will accommodate me once again in the future. I praise his efforts in having a wonderful magic store and a wonderful series of lectures that I recommend highly. On July 22nd, the world-renowned close-up artists DAN & DAVE come to THE MAGIC APPLE for a live demonstration of the material found in their published work, and a few new things!! They will include tips on how to practice, hand care, breaking in a deck of cards, and choosing the right pack among an assortment of other useful knowledge. You are sure to walk away with a new outlook on sleight of hand. http://www.lukejermay.com, http://www.themagicapple.com telephone 818.508.9921.
WOMEN IN MUSIC held their awards at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. I had the pleasure of sitting next to the producer of the upcoming Women in Music festival at Woodly Park. Ask me for the date. We highly recommend it. The event was very classy, and their organization has such wonderful people, all dedicated to their musical careers. http://www.lawim.com http://www.bizlady.biz http://www.hollywoodtoday.net http://www.photo.wenn.com
BENCH WARMER GOLD EDITION TRADING CARD...party in Hollywood had naked women with spray-on outfits on the gold carpet posing for paparazzi. Bench warmer founder BRIAN WALLOS was in the VIP lounge surrounded by beautiful guests including "Deal or No Deal" case opener Claudia Jordan, Brooke Long, Aubrie Lemon along with Playboy's Brande Roderick, Christy Hemme former WWE diva, Nikki Ziering, and MII PH models Jennifer Korbin and Angelica Bridges.
"AMAZING GRACE" part of the RICHMARKENT.COM screening series on Monday nights in the Wadsworth Theatre on the Veteran's Administration grounds in Brentwood. The film was about the abolitionist movement against slavery in England in the 1800's. You will recognize the star of the film Ioan Gruffudd (pronounced "Yo-han") as one of the officers in the movie that has made more money than any movie in history "TITANIC.".He is a very classy actor and casting him was absolutely perfect. His next film is "TV SET," a satire of a tv pilot, costarring David Duchovny and Sigourney Weaver, and he is also in the "FANTASTIC 4" sequel, with Jessica Alba. When asked what role he would most like to play that he hasn't played, he got a laugh when he said in his most distinguished accent "he would like to play a cowboy." Ioan discussed the difference between stage acting and film acting, where in film acting you have to "bring it down," without any wildly gesticulating hand gestures. "AMAZING GRACE" has an impressive cast of characters, most of whom are acting legends in England. What a delight to see Albert Finney, who is absolutely fascinating to watch. He delivers his lines with such magnificent intensity. Whenever he is on screen, what a delight. It was very emotional at the end when the statement was made "the slave trade is no more." This film is being released in Los Angeles February 23rd. http://www.richmarkent.com
RICHMARKENT.COM screening series, Monday's at 7 pm at the Wadsworth Theatre, located on the Veteran's Administration grounds in Brentwood. You can also call 310 479-3003 to get the latest weekly title. You can click on their website at the end of this write-up and you will be automatically linked. The discussion afterwards by Mr. Stephen Farber is so entertaining. He is the very best interviewer after a film. In fact, my favorite experience in life is having the privilege of seeing a film before its release and the privilege of an insightful discussion regarding the film afterwards. So, we look forward to doing write-up after write-up of the fascinating discussion of films. http://www.richmarkent.com
STEVE DIMON, and his company DASK PRODUCTIONS, is the best party producer in Los Angeles. He had his annual summer party at Paramount Studios, on their New York street, with over 1000 people. WHAT A PARTY! There were three stages of entertainment, a disco area, a Latin salsa area, and to top it all off, they had a U2 tribute band performing, doing all of U2's hits. This band was sensational. They looked exactly liked U2 and sounded like them also. They also had stilt walkers and other costume performers walking around, plus there was tons of food included, with all kinds of street vendors. In addition, you could have a complimentary portrait of yourself drawn by a street artist. There were all kinds of gorgeous models in lime-green hot pants walking around. STEVE DIMON is to be commended for the work he put into producing this fabulous party. Don't miss the DASK PRODUCTIONS Halloween party and New Year's eve party. We look forward to doing a write-up about these two parties also. http://www.daskproductions.com
The annual WOODBURY UNIVERSITY GALA was held at the beautiful BEVERLY WILSHIRE hotel. This entertaining and enjoyable event features the annual fashion show presented by the Department of Fashion Design. It is a showcase for the ideas and designs of the fashion design students. Over 600 guests were in attendance. It is a vital source of scholarship dollars where 86% of the students require financial aid and where 70% are the first in the family to attend college. Good food, good company, and a good cause. We highly recommend attending the WOODBURY UNIVERSITY GALA. They are to be commended for doing such a splendid job. We look forward to doing a write-up in the future of this wonderful event. 1.818.767.0888 http://www.woodbury.edu
THE MUSEUM OF TELEVISION AND RADIO in Beverly Hills does everything with class. We had the pleasure of attending a tribute to RICK NELSON, a fascinating discussion and insight into his career. Then, a fabulously entertaining performance from his twin sons Gunner & Matthew Nelson singing all of Rick Nelson's hits. My favorite was the last song "Garden Party." We highly recommend membership in THE MUSEUM OF TELEVISION AND RADIO, because they have so many versatile and fascinating programs about the history of television. They will never, ever run out of subject matter. Their beautiful facility is located at 465 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, CA 90210. (310) 786-1000.http://www.mtr.org. We look forward to doing many, many write-ups in the future at this wonderful facility..
BULLETS OVER HOLLYWOOD at the HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL. What a fascinating documentary of gangsters from so many films. The HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL is to be commended for having the most interesting, diverse programming of any festival. We highly recommend you get their schedule every year. They also have screenings usually on the first Monday of every month at the Arclight, with a discussion afterwards with the filmmakers. BULLETS OVER HOLLYWOOD was executive produced by Mr. Hugh Hefner. What a pleasant experience chatting with the great man himself. I got a chuckle from him when I said "Hef, I go to more parties than even you do." I must also say that Mr. Hefner's security guards are very courteous and friendly. They do a good job of protecting him, but also allow interested individuals to chat with Hef for a couple of minutes. I promised him a positive review of the film, and so here it is. It really was a fascinating look at all of the gangsters throughout the years. Not to be missed if you see it playing in the future. Afterwards, PLAYBOY held a first-class party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It is such an understatement that PLAYBOY does everything with such class. Thanks, Hef. I would very much like to do an extended write-up of one of your future parties at the Mansion. I would appreciate hearing from your people.
ESTEE LAUDER perfume launch party for their new experience in fantasy and fragrance: BEYOND PARADISE. This launch party was held in a huge, elegant residence in Beverly Park, at the top of San Ysidro. What a classy launch party and what a classy ambience. Nothing but first-class people. I enjoyed chatting with Carlos Ponce, the newest reporter on "Entertainment Tonight." We salute Kimberly Kulic at Ketchum Entertainment Marketing for doing an excellent job of creating this party. The fragrance BEYOND PARADISE has such a fabulous and sexy aroma. Thank you for this party, and we look forward to reporting on your future events.
PLAYBOY PLAYMATE SEARCH PARTY on at JILLIAN'S in Universal City Walk. Unfortunately, we missed the fashion show and the lingerie show, but wow, what a party. There were 20 playmates in 3 changes of clothes for an incredible runway sexy spectacular. Yes, all the gentlemen were hootin' and hollerin' for their favorite playmate. Thank you girls for really getting into your sexy movements on the catwalk, and, believe it or not, there were no restrictions preventing you from talking with your favorite girl. After the show, all of the girls mingled with all of the gentlemen attending at the party. Thank you Playboy for not roping off an area where only the girls were allowed to congregate and eliminating all the guys in the audience who obviously wanted to chat with the girls. It was very pleasant to see all of the playmates being friendly with all of the courteous gentlemen in the audience who felt very privileged to speak with any playmate they would like. Interested female candidates should call the 50th Anniversary Playmate hotline at 1-877-777-1953 to arrange an appointment for an interview. Playboy photographers will cover 20 North American cities as they search for the women who will become Miss January and earn a special modeling fee of $50,000.
RICK RUBIN hosted a party at his Houdini mansion in Laurel Canyon on August 25, 2001. RICK RUBIN is known for his sensational parties. Rick, please call me to tell me that you have read this. In attendance were Andy Dick, Coolio, Ian Ziering, Christina Aguilera, David Blaine, Ben Stiller. The Houdini mansion of RICK RUBIN is a spectacular mansion to have a party at. The ground floor has a huge disco room. Upstairs was the VIP area, and inside the VIP area was an inner circle VIP area. The party was excellently coordinated by Lorne Firebach. If you need a party coordinator to make your party run smoothly and 100% efficiently, then you should contact Lorne Firebach. He is top-of-the-line. Public relations and press were professionally handled by Dina Defterios and Meg Forehand. Dina and Meg, you also do an excellent job. This was a party that was truly appreciated.
JEFF GREEN Malibu mansion party over Memorial Day weekend. JEFF GREEN is indeed one of the most important party hosts in Los Angeles. He has a very tight, selective guest list to keep out the riff-raff. He had many chefs cooking salmon and steak. Jeff is a fabulous party host. His parties are known by the upper echelon of the Los Angeles party-going community. Jeff, thank you for this first-class party. I am very glad that I know you. At a Jeff Green party, there are lots of sexy girls everywhere. Even Howard Stern has mentioned the parties of Jeff Green on his radio show. Jeff's Malibu mansion is overlooking the ocean with a view that is so stress-reducing. Chatted with Eric Dickerson, from Monday Night Football; Don Sterling, owner of the L. A. Clippers; and actor Gary Busey. The two specialties at the bar were fresh "Strawberry Margaritas" and "Sex On The Beach."
SMASHBOX STUDIOS in Culver City held their assistant photographer's exhibition. The ambience of SMASHBOX STUDIOS is so fabulous and spacious because there are so many rooms and so many nooks and crannies to explore. They have a full kitchen that prepares gourmet food, a lounge with a pool table, and so many soundstages, both big and small, that I lost count. It is really one of the most fun places to stroll and fit for a super party. The photography exhibition hanging on the walls was so fascinating because it was so varied. A lot of different styles. I look forward to reporting on the smashbox fashion week of fashion shows at this wonderful complex. I hope that the very valuable seats will not be filled with phony press and party crashers that permeate these types of events. To anyone reading this, I will gladly point out all of the habitual phony press and constant party crashers that do not belong at any event, but are always there. http://www.smashboxstudio.com.
DAVID CONDON had a party in his spectacular Santa Monica beach house. When you have a house on the Santa Monica beach just north of the pier, the only direction to build is up, and he has done this magnificently. Five floors of elegance. All of the girls were dressed so enticingly. They were all so very friendly. He had a buffet of sushi and noodles and egg rolls and the giant bottles of Asahi beer. What a nice sight to see the people frolicking on the Santa Monica beach any day you wish. Also convenient for inviting a girl you see on the beach into your house for cocktails, isn't it David?
MAX MAVEN is a mind reader extraordinaire. Max Maven is definitely the number one mind reading solo act in the world. He is uniquely entertaining. If you have never caught a Max Maven show, be sure to do so. His audience participation banter and word play with the audience is truly a unique experience to be enjoyed. His mind reading effects are sensational. How does he do it? Also, unquestionably, with certainty, and it is an undeniable fact, there is absolutely no doubt that Max Maven has the most unique haircut in the world, bar none. There are things that we can never know. There are things that we can know but never understand. Imagine an intellectual tightrope cinched between these two ideas. That is where Max Maven resides, in his first full length show in over fifteen years. For an unique evening of mind reading miracles, sardonic humor, and pleasant theatre, don't miss the amazing MAX MAVEN THINKING IN PERSON, An Evening of Knowing and Not Knowing, at the CFI Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. (just west of Vermont). David Belenzon Management 619.462.6400. Public relations excellently handled by David Elzer/DEMAND PR 818.508.1754. http://www.maxmaven.com.
Socializing with theatre people is a wonderful experience. The OVATION AWARDS is a very well-produced awards show at the beautiful restored ORPHEM THEATRE. Theatre people accept their awards with gusto and excitement; the show is most entertaining. We highly recommend it each year.
BOB SOLARI MAGIC is to be commended for creating some of the most innovative magic effects. My favorite is HELL BENT. This is an amazing key bending effect. If you know Uri Geller, then he can teach you how to bend keys and spoons. If you don't, this is the next best thing, purchasing HELL BENT. Another reason why HELL BENT is one of my favorite magical effects, is that there is no practice required, there is nothing to memorize. You can do this incredible killer effect 5 minutes after receiving it. For those of you who prefer doing a magic trick that doesn't require hours of practice and having to remember a lot, this is the one to get. We highly recommend you get the catalog of BOB SOLARI MAGIC. You can reach him at 973.546.6110 or 973.773.8818, or write him at Bob Solari, 223 Lakeview Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011. http://www,bobsolarimagic.com
SHELLEY BERMAN at the 24TH STREET THEATRE. What an enjoyable evening listening to the one-and-only SHELLEY BERMAN discuss comedy and comedians from the beginning of the world to the present. Shelly told me he has been doing this presentation at different schools and universities, and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to experience it myself. He is performing his comedy monologues again at the 24TH STREET THEATRE on March 23rd. Don't miss it. http://www.24thstreet.org 213.745.6516 http://www.shelleyberman.com
SONS OF ITALY is a wonderful organization. They have excellent programs and friendly camaraderie. We highly recommend membership in the SONS OF ITALY. Even if you're not Italian, you'll feel like an honorary Italian by the end of the evening and leave with a good feeling. http://www,sonsofitaly.com email osiahollywoodmembership@yahoo.it.
DAVE BORTMAN is not only an excellent entertainment business attorney, but also an excellent master of ceremonies for the WOMEN IN FILM monthly mixers. We highly recommend the WOMEN IN FILM monthly mixers that are both so very cordial and friendly, but also have an interesting guest speaker every month. http://www.wif.org
DISNEY ON ICE....FINDING NEMO. What a charming, entertaining show! Once again, DISNEY knows what they're doing with incredible costumes, lighting, sound, and special effects. As in the movie, the voices of Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks were featured. Also featured, a little tugging on the heartstrings, a DISNEY tradition. Fabulous for the entire family. Playing at the ARROWHEAD POND December 27, 2005 to January 1, 2006, and at the L.A. SPORTS ARENA January 4-8, 2006 and at the LONG BEACH ARENA January 11-16, 2006. We hope to be giving a few tickets away to this wonderful show. Call me if you are interested.
"FINDING NEMO." You talk about a film experience that is impossible to dislike, this is in that category of experience. I don't think I've said that about any other film. The script is the foundation, and they certainly know what they're doing. Humor, of course, throughout; and many touching moments of emotion between the father fish and his son. All's well that ends well, and this film will put you in such a good mood when you leave. Have you ever experienced a film ending where a baby fish says to its father fish: "I love you, Dad," and the father says back "I love you too, son."
ETC (Entertainment Technology Center) at USC has one of the best programs for the entertainment industry to have a deeper insight into the production of film. Under the guidance of CEO Charles S. Swartz, they have a series of all digital current release screenings followed by discussions with the filmmakers. They are to be commended for this exceptional program. To get more information or to register for a film hit http://www.etcenter.org, or call 213.743.1600. You must be a member of the entertainment industry to register.
LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF. This is the most fascinating film I have ever seen. What a delight and surprise to see so many different film clips of Los Angeles. As I say about my Hotline, if you don't like what you hear, wait 10 seconds and you'll hear something else. In this film, if you are bored with a certain shot, wait 10 or 15 seconds and they'll be another film clip that was shot in Los Angeles. MARGOT GERBER is a wonderful moderator for the discussion. She has such a pleasant voice and asks the most interesting questions. If you are a fan of Los Angeles like I am; you must see this film. You'll never have another chance to see it again; so, you have only until Tuesday night, May 10th, to catch it at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, part of the American Cinematheque screening series. We look forward to doing write-ups in the future, when there are discussions with celebrities following screenings of their films. http://www.americancinematheque.com
LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF coming up at the AMERICAN CINEMATHEQUE at the EGYPTIAN THEATRE, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. This is our pick of the week. Highly recommended. May 5th-7:30pm. May 6th-7:30pm. Director Thom Andersen will appear for discussion following the film. May 7th-2pm, 5:30pm, 9pm. May 8th-2pm, 5:30pm. May 9th-7:30pm. May 10th-7:30pm. A must see for Los Angeles history buffs and cinema enthusiasts who will marvel at the hundreds of archival and film clips revealing an almost secret history of L.A. (323) 466-FILM. http://www.americancinematheque.com
CINDERELLA MAN. I had the privilege, and I do mean the privilege, of being one of the first to see this wonderful film. You know in your heart when you see one of the 5 best picture nominees for the Oscar. Put up your dukes, boys, and show me what you've got to go against this film. Also, locked up for nominations are best actor for Russell Crowe, best actress for Renee Zellweger, and best supporting actor for Paul Giamatti. What a mug on him. So interesting to look at. I first saw him in the Howard Stern film, "Private Parts." Also, best director for Ron Howard. Ron, you know what you're doing. You've come a long way since "Eat My Dust." To Universal publicity and marketing: will you please mail me passes for my members for future screenings, so I can tell them what a marvelous experience they are in for, in seeing this film. Quality filmmaking at its best. Will you please put me on the all-media screening mailing list.
NATALIE MERCHANT at the beautiful John Anson Ford Amphitheatre. Not a moment of stress is experienced when you listen to the captivating voice of NATALIE MERCHANT. Under the stars, and under the trees of the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre is such a tranquil experience, and I was hypnotized by the one-and-only type voice of Natalie Merchant. She could sing the phonebook and it would be appealing. This was a GOLDENVOICE production. GOLDENVOICE has many, many shows coming up. I wish they would have more middle-of-the-road artists like Ms. Merchant. http://www.goldenvoice.com
RICHIE HAVENS & JANIS IAN at the Santa Monica Pier. Both of these voices are two of the most mesmerizing voices I have ever heard. Both of these performers I want to see every time they appear in Los Angeles, which is infrequent. Janis Ian does soulful musical poems, and the voice of Richie Havens gives me goosebumps doing any song. Thank you Santa Monica Pier Restoration Commission for having these free concerts. This was my favorite show; my next favorite show is Clarence Clemons; Bruce Springsteen's saxophone player. I look forward to next year, as they outdo themselves every year. The ocean view is an added plus. http://www.twilightdance.org
JUDY COLLINS at Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Ray, Saturday night Sunset Series. Boy, I felt like a millionaire among the million dollar yachts at the edge of the water in this idyllic park setting. It was impossible to have any stress listening to the beautiful voice of July Collins. I think it is the most beautiful voice in the world. Thank you Burton Chace park for having this wonderful musical series. Upon exiting, I felt the incomparable voice of July Collins resonating throughout my system for a half hour, which is the characteristic of a truly memorable voice. (310) 305-9545.
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA from WARNER BROTHERS. To all Academy members: you are crazy and wrong if you do not make this the best picture of the year. Talk about complete ecstasy from beginning to end, I was in heaven throughout this film. Talk about getting goosebumps at the end, no other film has done this to me. Without a doubt, this also has to be the best director, sound, costume design, art direction, etc. of any film I've seen this year. You must see this on the largest screen possible for maximum enjoyment. To Brenda Falitz, of Warner Brothers, who is supposed to handle the requests of online journalists: why do you rebuff me, and disrespect me when all I want to do is write film reviews as a legitimate journalist. Will you please put me on the all-media screening mailing list so I can delete these comments and we can have a good working relationship. As the Phantom would say "That's all I ask of you."
HAIRSPRAY at the PANTAGES THEATRE. Please forget all the problems of today's life, and get down to see HAIRSPRAY, with fabulous precision singing and precision choreography. What can you say about Bruce Vilanch in drag as a fat old woman. I'll know what I'll say, "I wonder if it was all padding, or if some of it was really him?" My favorite line in the show was, after being groped from behind, Bruce Vilanch asked "Governor Schwarzenegger, is that you?" My second favorite line was "Now that Whoopi has lost that Slim Fast commercial, I wonder if I could get it?" If you can imagine it, I loved the Gilbert Gottfried type female gym instructor. I loved the "Jailhouse Rock" type of set with dancers from top to bottom. The best song of the show is the infectious "You Can't Stop the Beat." The best quality of a good song is if you begin humming it right after the show. Believe me, you'll be humming "You Can't Stop the Beat" as you're walking out of the theatre. The PANTAGES currently has the best shows in town that put you in a good mood. I especially look forward to the upcoming Billy Joel show "Movin' Out." This is going to be the best show of the year. I really look forward to putting my positive feelings in print about this show, because I really, really love the music of Billy Joel.
MAMMA MIA! at the Pantages Theatre. If you want to put yourself in a good mood, there is no better current show in town that does this more than MAMMA MIA!, featuring the infectious melodies of ABBA. I thought the show was going to end on this poignant number "I Have A Dream," but I was pleasantly surprised that there was a reprise of all of the uptempo songs of ABBA to end the show. The show certainly leaves you humming these great tunes. By the way, I am giving tickets away to a tribute to ABBA and NEIL DIAMOND at the HOLLYWOOD BOWL. Let me know if you would like a pair of tickets to this fabulous show featuring all of the their hits, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. http://www.mamma-mia.com http://www.broadwayla.org (213) 365-6311.
I bet you didn't know that there was live boxing in Hollywood. Yes, there is live boxing coming up at the Henry Fonda Theatre. Call (323) 525-0120 for tickets or log onto http://www.lb4lbboxing.com.
THE PINK PANTHER remake with Steve Martin. A perfect film. I don't know what is wrong with those idiot critics who feel this is not a good movie. As if they don't have a sense of humor, or can't just enjoy a light, frothy, escapist, relaxing film that is so damn enjoyable. The idiosyncratic Inspector Clouseau, the constant chief-inspector-without-a-clue is played superbly by Steve Martin. He couldn't be any better. Once again, I have to feel that I can't believe the word of these critics who put down movies that are just a joy to enjoy. Oh, and that Beyonce, she is so hard on the eyes to look at. One time I ran into fellow-magician Steve Martin at a party, and I said to him while he was standing with his date, "Hi Steve, I'm a fellow magician. Tell her that roughing fluid has nothing to do with sex." It was great to see him laughing at my line.
ROB LONG is one of the most knowledgeable individuals about parties in Los Angeles. He offers a personalized e-mail service of notifying you of a wide variety of events. Most of his listings are events that are not on my hotline, and vice versa. If you join my group, I will be happy to turn you on to his personalized e-mail service of party information. This makes an excellent supplement to my hotline because 90% of events are not duplicated. ROB LONG is to be praised for his extraordinary knowledge of parties.
Review of THIRD BEST CARD TRICK IN THE WORLD, where 4 cards turn into 4 other cards. I have to salute Mr. Ed Schiff for his ingenuity and creativity in creating this wonderful packet trick. As with most packet tricks, before performing it, I had no clue about it even existing, or how it is accomplished. But now, after performing it several times, I'm an expert in its execution. I say to myself, "why didn't I think of this?" The answer is that I do not have the creativity and ingenuity that one of the best magic teachers, Mr. Ed Schiff, has. Ed, you are to be commended for inventing this packet trick. It is available at THE MAGIC APPLE, 11390 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. (818) 508-9921. They also have many other magic tricks that you would like. Ask them about their future magic classes.
B.B. KING'S at Universal Citywalk. I recommend an evening at this wonderful facility. It has 3 levels, so you are insured an excellent view of the stage from whatever height you desire. The entertainment is so varied. Pick up a monthly calendar at the front desk. They have all kinds of shows, 7 days a week. The food is superb, with the salads being exceptionally diverse. We hope to do an in-depth review of the food in the future. I also want to say that the security is so polite and friendly. 818-622-5464 http://www.bbkingsclub.com
ED SCHIFF is one of the best magic teachers. He has a class at THE MAGIC APPLE, 11390 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. Call THE MAGIC APPLE at (818) 508-9921 for a reservation. The packet tricks of ED SCHIFF are also available at THE MAGIC APPLE. Ed is a master of rubber band magic, and he is impeccable in his techniques. His packet trick of 4 cards turning into 4 other cards is a killer. We highly recommend you attend the magic class of ED SCHIFF at THE MAGIC APPLE. http://www.edschiff.com.
Bill Margold's annual bowling with adult stars is not to be missed. An adult star will bowl with you and there are plenty of photo opportunities throughout the night. Coming up is the annual FOXE (Fans of Adult Entertainment) awards on June 17th, 2004, and the Night of the Stars on July 24th. Bill Margold is the greatest thing since sliced bread. http://www.foxe.com http://www.margoldsworld.com
DARK WATER is a very well-crafted film. You will especially be impressed with the performance of the young girl, Ariel Gade. She is going to become another Dakota Fanning. Who cannot relate to renting an apartment? If you want to see what the apartment-from-hell is all about, go see this movie.
MYSTIC RIVER from WARNER BROS. You talk about a film that is, without trying, magnificently entertaining from beginning to end; this falls in that category. I respect a film so highly that rests on its own merits, without contrivances. This is Clint Eastwood's finest film. There is no doubt in this writer's mind that this will be one of the five best pictures of the year. The object of going to the movies is to transport yourself into another world and become so wrapped up in the film, that you're not thinking of anything else. There is nothing more that I need to say than see MYSTIC RIVER.
UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN from Touchstone Pictures. As I exited the screening, I had to utter these words: "So wonderful," "So wonderful." This film had such a easy-going style and fresh, breezy feeling. Diane Lane was perfectly cast. I could not imagine any other actress in this role. I felt as if I had actually gone on a vacation to Tuscany.
CIRQUE DU SOLEIL'S production of VAREKAI, next to the Staple's Center, running to November 16th, 2003. Forget everything else, and drop what you're doing when you see the blue and yellow bigtop come to town. The magnificent quality of this show is that it leaves you in such a wistful mood both at the intermission, and after it's over. Boy, they certainly know what they're doing in creating the absolute best fantasy-like circus experience in the universe. I would imagine that CIRQUE DU SOLEIL auditioned hundreds if not thousands of performers to come up with these astonishingly agile aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, clowns, and human jugglers. There is an element of danger every 5 minutes in the show and I kept shaking my head in disbelief as to how casual the performers were in the face of danger and catastrophic injury happening. There were no accidents in this show, and I probably am right in saying that it's been a long long time since there's been an accident. But I just can't believe how they put themselves in danger every night without any injuries happening. That's what makes a circus exciting; and CIRQUE DU SOLEIL is on the the edge of pushing the envelope with every performance. Enough about the danger, let's talk about the creative aspect. An unbelievable set, unbelievable costumes, incredible lighting, and what a cast of characters. If you want to feel emotion that you are not going to feel with any other show, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL is the most effective show accomplishing this. I felt like a child again, without a worry in the world, during this 2 hour show. (800) 678-5440 http://www.cirquedusoleil.com.
PAUL WILLIAMS with opening act SALLY KELLERMAN, at the beautiful NORRIS CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, 27570 Crossfield Dr. in Rolling Hills Estates. I am so touched with the voice of Paul Williams. It creates such a good mood inside of me. What an enjoyable evening to hear all of his songs. I wish he was on for another hour. Now that I think about it, I am disappointed that he did not do "It's Not Easy Being Green." But I can't complain, because he did all of his other songs. This was my first visit to the NORRIS CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS. It is an absolutely beautiful theater, and every seat has an intimate quality, like being in a living room for a family performance. They have some fabulous shows coming up that are one-of-a-kind, not being presented anywhere else. "Dream Scapes," is a Cirque du Soleil type show. "It's Magic," "Glenn Yarbrough," "Forbidden Hollywood," "The Leading Ladies of Broadway," Barry Manilow's "Copabana," "Doo Wop, Let the Good Times Roll," plus other shows. You should leave the traffic and smog of the city and escape to the beautiful Palos Verdes peninsula and see a show at this exceptional theater. We look forward to publicizing in advance and reporting on all of the shows at this facility that I was so impressed with. Phone (310) 544-0403 Fax (310) 544-2473. http://www.norriscenter.com.
SECONDHAND LIONS from New Line. It is rare for a film to be so easy to take, so comfortable to enjoy, like slipping into an old pair of slippers. This is the feeling I got with SECONDHAND LIONS. Michael Caine and Robert Duvall are excellently cast as two old cronies living in a shack with money buried. The pleasant and relaxed enjoyment of this film is what stuck with me after it was over. So many films try so hard with explosions and action and contrived situations; but this film was just so naturally entertaining and, as I said, so easy to take.
RICK ORTIZ PRODUCTIONS is one of the leading producers of tribute show evenings of entertainment. I had the pleasure of seeing tributes to Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Who, Santana, The Doors, and many more. If you see the name RICK ORTIZ PRODUCTIONS associated with a show, you can be assured that it is a quality evening of entertainment. I am fortunate to call Rick Ortiz a friend, and if you want complimentary tickets to his shows, let me know.
TASTE OF LARCHMONT on August 25th, 2003. Wow, what a wonderful block party along the famous street of Larchmont south of Beverly Blvd. Every conceivable type of food served at so many of the multi-international restaurants on Larchmont. Even though there was all kinds of pizza, pasta, German food, Thai food, and sushi; my favorite was the old-fashioned deli spread at the Larchmont Deli, with the most delicious potato and macaroni salad and fresh roast beef and turkey and ham sandwiches, and their famous pickles that really hit the spot. I have to honestly say that I ate too much, so next year someone please stop me.
FRIENDS OF ANIMALS FOUNDATION held their annual Summer Fund-Raising Luncheon on Sunday, August 17th, 2003. The event featured Carol Gurney who discussed her book "The Language of Animals-7 Steps to Communicating with Animals," a special presentation by the L.A.P.D.'s K-9 Unit, and Shelley Taylor Morgan, who hosted "Pure Soap" on the E! Channel, ABC's Home Show, "General Hospital," as well as PAX TV's "Treasures in Your Home." The luncheon was delicious and held in a beautiful, peaceful garden of a private home in Beverly Hills. FRIENDS OF ANIMALS FOUNDATION was created years ago to rescue injured pets, pregnant, abused, and the elderly. It is a non-profit placement and rescue organization, registered in Sacramento with the Board of Charitable Trusts. The Friends of Animals Foundation does not discriminate based on breed or size of the animal. We guarantee a permanent home for the dog or cat and never euthanize an animal when we have difficulty finding a home for it. Friends of Animals doesn't turn away dogs or cats on the basis of disposition or disability. For more information, see http://FOAF.tripod.com or call (310) 479-5089.
T-MOBILE Action Sports Team Event on the Arclight rooftop on August 13th, 2003. Action sports and Hollywood's elite collided at T-Mobile's exclusive rooftop party hosted by the T-Mobile Action Sports Team. I chatted with Tracy Bingham, and she was so polite and friendly. The team was accompanied by the breakout band The Used, and paired Hollywood's hottest with the hottest in wireless communications from T-Mobile. Guests of the event had the opportunity to experience the new color version of the T-Mobile Sidekick, named PC Magazine's Product of the Year. T-Mobile will show Hollywood how to stay connected with the T-Mobile Sidekick to surf the web, chat using AOL Instant Messenger, send and receive E-mail, play games, exchange mobile snapshots, and talk it up with friends--all from a single device. T-Mobile was the first U.S. carrier to offer video messaging services that allow customers to take and send full motion video clips with sound from a single wireless device. For more information, visit the company website at http://www.t-mobile.com.
LOST IN TRANSLATION screened by the IFP/LA on August 12th, 2003. We were fortunate to join a friend, and attend this pre-release screening. What a fabulous film from beginning to end. The one-and-only Bill Murray indeed is a joy to watch, and Sofia Coppola, the writer and director of the film, said that if she couldn't get Bill Murray for this film, she did not want to do it. It was set in Tokyo, and I can see why she didn't want anyone else to play the part. Wow, Tokyo is a fascinating and interesting city. I've never seen Tokyo from the many viewpoints that were shown in the film. In fact, it looked like the gigantic city of Manhattan. All of the neon lights in the Ginza are mind-boggling. This is a must-see film. It is so much better than so many high budget, meaningless films. Sofia Coppola is to be commended for creating this film. The IFP/LA is a wonderful organization of independent filmmakers. We highly recommend that you join (310) 432-1200 http://www.ifp.org. They have screenings and discussions several times a month. We would appreciate so very much if IFP/LA would invite us once-in-a-while to review a film and report on the discussion that happened afterwards. IFP/LA, would you please put us on the invitational press mailing list to attend your screenings.
OPEN RANGE screened on August 11th, 2003. A film that transports you to another time and place, and you feel as if you are within the world of the film certainly is a winner. It was such an effective feeling of being immersed in the early west of 1880. Kevin, you are correct when you say that people are interested in this genre. To experience such a simpler time and place just makes one feel good. As I do today, I wonder if an Entertainment and Party Hotline would have existed in the early West. I think not. Back to the film. I always like Robert Duvall when he plays a no-nonsense kind of guy, as he does in this film. I think he knows now that he should stick to only meaningful films like this. I remember roaring with laughter a few years ago when he played an astronaut in a meaningless space movie; and laughing uproariously when he delivered such lines as "Watch out for the asteroids." I like the laugh of Robert Duvall, and when he laughed in this film it reminded me of all of the previous characters he has portrayed. Kevin Costner also is best when he plays a no-nonsense kind of guy. I think he also recognizes this, and that's why he made this film. Excellently directed and enjoyable from beginning to end.
MICHAEL ENRIGHT is a wonderful actor who can become a superstar. His acting range has been demonstrated in many parts, and his versatility of accents and characterizations is remarkable. I like his "nasty guy" performance in ALIAS. He was slammed into the bar face first, upon being discovered as a spy, and his grimacing and vocal expression was so entertaining when he was on screen. In his performance, he exemplified superb dramatic tension. Look for big things to happen for Michael Enright in the future.
THE MET THEATRE held its 30th Anniversary Party at 1089 North Oxford Ave. on August 2, 2003. There was bluegrass, country, and rock 'n roll; and 2 tables of Texas Hold'em poker. A plentiful buffet was had by all with 5 different types of chile, and salads, including the most delicious homemade macaroni and cheese I've ever tasted. The rustic theme is the Met's not so subtle way of drawing attention to the first show it ever presented, "Bus Stop," by William Inge. It will open August 23, 2003. http://www.themettheatre.com (323) 957-1152.
BREAK THE CYCLE presented their Seventh Annual Summer Soiree on the New York street set of 20th Century Fox Studios on July 27th, 2003. What an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon with cool jazz and other entertainment on a movie lot. Very high class people, but I was saddened to see every phony press person in this town conning their way into this event and doing nothing to publicize it and getting a gift bag and smirking all the way out. It is a shame these people take advantage of charities all around town. BREAK THE CYCLE is to be commended for their Education and Outreach Program. They also provide life-saving services to young victims of violence thru their Legal Services Program. (310) 286-3366 http://www.breakthecycle.org.
VOX LUMIERE at the Hollywood & Highland Courtyard every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday throughout the summer. This was a great show, a mind-boggling combination of rock concert, live performance art, and silent film featuring a live orchestra amid a backdrop of giant video screens. The Hollywood & Highland complex has such a fabulous classy ambience, and it is very nice of the management to have this free show that runs from 9pm - 10pm. Highly recommended. Be sure to catch this show before the end of the summer.
BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATION at the beautiful garden and lawn of the Page Museum on. The French really know how to celebrate Bastille Day every year. They have a stage of great entertainment including the Tahitian dancers wiggling their hips in a frenzy. Lots of different food booths with every conceivable type of French food. We really appreciate the VIP section, which had the upper echelon of French people. It is very charming and pleasant to hear the French accent all over the place. Also, there were all types of French people, from high class, sophisticated types; to the bohemian, avant-garde.
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL. What a lot of fun. I felt like a little kid again. In fact, it brought back memories of my childhood getting scared and having nightmares after a scary movie. I remember not having a good night's sleep, after seeing "Fantasia," with the walking mops and buckets. My favorite cast member was Geoffrey Rush, who makes a perfect pirate. He should have a monkey on his shoulder all the time. My favorite shot was the ugliest, skinny pirate juggling his eyeball in his hand and then popping it into the eye socket. This film reminded me of the early Disney films, when I was a kid.
CIRCUS VARGAS on July 4th, 2003 in Woodland Hills. This is an old-fashioned, old-time traveling circus....the last of the traveling bigtops. They always put on a quality show that is exciting, spontaneous, and humorous, and has a lot of sexy girls. Some of the acts are truly dangerous, and there is no kidding around that the performers are risking injury. That's what makes a good circus show. CIRCUS VARGAS has been around for many, many years, and will be here for many years to come. Check out their show when it comes to your area. For future dates, call (760) 248-6807 or hit their website http://www.circusvargas.com.
HOLLYWOOD BOWL, starring KENNY ROGERS. Kenny Rogers is a master showman, and had the entire Hollywood Bowl audience in the palm of his hand. He is so casual and comfortable in his stage presence, and joked with the audience after every song. Of course, the fireworks closing the show in synch with the "Stars and Stripes Forever," is so patriotic and breathtaking. Many years ago Kenny Rogers wrote a book about making it in the music business, and this show is a textbook case that he is truly at the top of the class.
AMERICAN SPLENDOR starring PAUL GIAMATTI. Almost always cast as a nerdy-type, Paul has found his crowing glory in this movie. In this film, he is cast as a guy obsessed with comic books. If you want to study a natural acting performance, this is a textbook example. I was first introduced to Mr. Giamatti in the HOWARD STERN movie "PRIVATE PARTS," playing the notorious Pig Vomit. I think Howard Stern had the same feeling as I did when he saw Paul Giamatti's mug and persona and immediately wanted him cast as the WNBC radio executive, who always complained about Howard Stern's antics.
SON OF THE BEACH TV show launch party-Howard Stern executive producer. It was a pleasure to talk to the stars of the show and the lifeguards and the girls and the MC was Gary Garver, who did an excellent job as MC and is most entertaining. Howard Stern is truly the #1 radio personality in the history of the world. Thank you, Howard, for giving me my daily dose of laughter. I audio record the show on my video recorder because I am sleeping from 6 to 11 am. Then I play the show in spurts during the day when walking around the house. Also, the commercials on KLSX 97.1FM are so much more entertaining than any other station. It's actually entertaining to listen to the commercials. I will give you a Howard Stern Son of the Beach T-Shirt, souvenir from that night, if you mention this.
ADULTCON is coming to Los Angeles November 23rd, 2003 from 1pm-9pm at the Magnificent Westin Hotel at LAX. This is the convention where Adult Stars Meet Fans. All cameras welcome. You can't help but have a good time. http://www.adultcon.com
ADULTCON will be held at the downtown Hyatt Regency, 711 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017, on Sunday June, 1, 2003 from 1pm to 10pm. http://www.adultcon.com. The Hyatt Regency is located in Macy's Plaza. Hotel telephone is (213) 683-1234. If you want to see more porn stars under one roof at one time than any other place, then this is the event for you. Wherever you look, there will be porn stars posing on top of tables with at least 1 or 2 guys (better make that 50-60 guys) gathered around looking with eyeballs popping out of their sockets. It is a lot of fun to see the uninhibited girls doing their thing and tantalizing the guys. They also are friendly and conversative, and willing to answer any of your questions.
ASIAN SIRENS EXPO.COM glamour girls exposition at the Mayan Theater on November 11, 2001. Wow, let me tell you, what an incredible experience to have beautiful Asian models to the left, beautiful Asian models to the right, beautiful Asian models in front of you, beautiful Asian models behind you. In fact, did I mention that there were beautiful, sexy, unbelievably gorgeous models wherever you looked. Dida Dubuque of the website http://www.islandeyes.com was the producer. Dida, you did a magnificent job in producing this wonderful memorable event. The fashion show at the end was exceptional, and so varied in presentation. The girls came out in evening gowns and in bikinis, and surprised everyone by wearing men's suits, and showed their bra and panties underneath. Also, some girls came out in policeman's uniforms. Wow, what an interesting sight to see gorgeous females in men's suits and policeman's outfits, and see them disrobe. This was the best model's expo in the history of the world.
MISS RIO 2001 MODEL SEARCH. An absolutely incredible assortment of beautiful girls to feast your eyes on the delicious curves of so many Miss Rio bikini models. I must also say the absolutely best place for people watching is in the VIP room of the Sunset Room. In the VIP room were Bill Maher and Woody Harrelson and Seven Seagal. The VIP room in the Sunset Room is so far head and shoulders above any other VIP room. It is definitely the best. Brad and Chris and Eric are to commended for creating the desire to be in the Sunset Room VIP room. Produced and hosted by Chris Breed, Lenetta Kidd, and Steve Dimon.
LA BELLE EPOQUE fashion show at the Century Club. The outfits were so sexy and varied. Wow! Those Asian and black models are so flirtatiously sexy on stage that it is a joy to watch. I must say that the CENTURY CLUB really knows how to stage a fashion show. Their technical expertise is exemplified at every show. Every seat is always a good seat. I compliment Danny Fitzgerald and Mark Fleischman for always doing a good job for any show at the Century Club.
The one-and-only FETISH BALL. If you want an unusual evening of fetish delight and seeing over a thousand people in fetish attire frolicking, then this event is for you. Talk about a one-of-a-kind party. If you were not at the FETISH BALL, you missed an amazing experience. We recommend the FETISH BALL, held annually. A tip of the hat to Mr. James Stone, who is one of the most amazing producers in Los Angeles. He has created an ambience to be remembered.
MISS HAWAIIAN TROPIC pageant at the CENTURY CLUB. I must say that Danny Fitzgerald is one of the best M.C.'s for a beauty pageant that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Danny really brings out the best in each female contestant as they walk down the runway. He is very joyful and positive about the wonderful characteristics that each contestant has. The girls, in their bikinis, are a delight to watch. My personal favorite was the very stunning and beautiful Harmony. Harmony, you are so very special and have a special aura about you. Harmony, please leave a message on my hotline, so I may invite you & your girlfriend to some celebrity parties. Any pageant or show at the Century Club is done very professionally and any vantage point from within the club has an excellent view. We commend Danny Fitzgerald and Mark Fleischman for having the best produced bikini pageants and fashion shows in Los Angeles. In attendance was Mr. Ron Rice, the founder of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant. They have the Ms. Fitness pageant on September 29, 2001.
PAJAMA PARTY at the LAS PALMAS club. Steve Fowler hosted a totally unique, unbelievable experience of a pajama and nighty party. How often do you get to go to a party where everyone is wearing pajamas or lingerie or if they can't think of anything else, a funky bathrobe. Need I say that it was a delight to see so many curvaceous females walking around in their nighties and lingerie. Steve, I hope you do it again soon. Please let me know what other parties you have coming up.
The one-and-only RON JEREMY held his premiere party at the world famous SUNSET ROOM. The film is a documentary of Ron's rise to fame. A very good film. I must once again say that the SUNSET ROOM is the hottest place in town. The VIP room of the SUNSET ROOM is the inner sanctum of a very special ambience. This is the place to be. Unquestionably, the VIP room of the SUNSET ROOM is head-and-shoulders above any other VIP room. It really makes you feel special when you are inside the VIP room of the SUNSET ROOM. Brad Johnson, Chris Breed, and Eric are to be commended for creating such an intense desire to be in the SUNSET ROOM VIP room.
JACKIE MASON is a stagehand's dream. All that is needed for the most entertaining evening imaginable is a mikestand with a mike and Jackie Mason in front of it for 2 1/2 hours. The stagehands were probably sitting backstage in their easy chairs relaxing. There is no stagework to be done when Mr. Mason is delivering his one-of-a-kind barbs. Unfortunately, there were no press tickets available, so I hope when the press person reads this, he will see that I want to do a write-up anyway praising the entertainment value of the show he is representing. Playing at the Wilshire Theatre unfortunately only from June 11-15, 2003.
Kevin Pollack and Richard Super celebrated the addition of Paul Reder as managing partner of Super Artists, Inc., and launched 3 new corporate divisions. The event benefited Stand Up For Kids, a nationally acclaimed volunteer organization committed to the rescue of homeless and street kids. The event was held at the beautiful SKYBAR overlooking the city. I overheard David Brenner's voice and out of a million voices, I could recognize David Brenner's voice. Judy Tenuta and other entertainment industry executives attended. A wonderful party and a very friendly atmosphere. http://www.standupforkids.org (800) 365-4KID.
THE PRODUCERS, the new Mel Brooks musical, playing at the Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Blvd., until January 4, 2004. It's rare to say your cheeks will hurt from laughing, but that's how you'll feel after you see this show. If they hadn't cast Jason Alexander and Martin Short, I wonder who else would play their parts. The stunning tall blonde female lead, Angie Schworer, is a delight to look at and to listen to. Everyone has their part nailed. The guy who plays the dancing Hitler also is right on the money. I don't think you'll see any other show with a Hitler dancing with Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Also, I don't think you'll see any other show with little old ladies dancing with their walkers. Nor will you see any show with dancing Nazis. The flamboyant costumes and characters are, once again, unique to this show. Wonderful sets, staging, lighting, and choreography make this the best show in town. I can see why it won more Tonys than any other show in history. With the show running 3 hours, it is also a good bargain. You can get rear balcony seats for $25. You will catch yourself humming "Springtime for Hitler....and Germany...." and you'll be asking yourself why am I humming this silly song. If you don't like to laugh, then stay home and miss this show. But if you want to howl and roar with uninhibited laughter, see this show.
Be sure to check out PALADINO'S, 6101 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335, (818) 342-1563. http://www.paladinosclub.com. They have BBQ's every Wednesday, East Coast Swing Dancing every Tuesday, entertainment including tribute bands to all of your favorites, and a great sound system.
HARRY LANGDON spectacular photo exhibit party at the beautiful Beverly Hills Country club, 3084 Motor Ave. HARRY LANGDON is one of the best photographers I have ever seen in my life. Every photo captures some unique personality trait of his celebrity subject. Some of his photos were of Cher, Suzanne Somers, Vanessa Williams, Ann Margaret, Sugar Ray Leonard, Victoria Principal, the Rat Pack, Angelina Jolie. The Beverly Hills Country Club is one of the nicest places to have a party. It is elegant, yet casual. The cuisine and the ambience is superb. The people that are members of the Beverly Hills Country Club are classy and down to earth, and everyone is so friendly. The Beverly Hills Country Club has a great social agenda of activities. It was founded by the uncle of Merv Griffin. To find out more of their activities, call (310) 558-6461. We recommend a membership for its social benefits; and they have tennis courts, a swimming pool, and exercise facilities. Some of their board members are Barbara Eden, Jim Nabors, George Hamilton, Tommy Lasorda, Sherry Lansing. Dr. Phil McGraw, of Oprah and TV fame, was just added to their Board of Directors.
HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE. Nowadays, it is so difficult to find a film that is actually superb from beginning to end, and never lags for one second, or loses your interest for one moment. HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE was unbelievably sensational. I wasn't expecting anything superb, but I just kept saying to myself over and over, "Boy, this is so entertaining, I can't believe it." It all starts with the script, and kudos to the script writer. Then, of course, comes the direction. Ron Shelton directed this film with such aplomb, keeping us on the edge of our seats throughout the entire movie, from the first frame to the last frame. I just can't believe how fabulous this film was.
MTV MOVIE AWARDS. Not only in the history of award shows, but also in the history of the world, there has never been a more exciting, incredible, enthralling musical number than that of the Russian Lesbian Duo T.A.T.U. They sang their fabulous song "They're Not Going to Get Us," with 100 Young Schoolgirls in their white blouses and plaid short skirts gyrating all over the stage. Then, all of the schoolgirls took off their blouse and skirts to reveal an undershirt and panties. The song ended with the 100 schoolgirls dancing to the rhythm of this catchy song. What a musical number! I must have rewound my VCR 10 times to see the number over and over again. To the powers that be: I hope we are invited to review the show next year in person, rather than seeing it on the TV. MTV Networks really know how to loosen up a crowd, and loosen up the awards show experience. Thank you MTV for your irreverent and absolutely hysterical way of putting on an award show. You are a one-of-a-kind. We hope to attend all of your future shows in L.A.
MY VH1 AWARDS, at the Shrine Auditorium. Let me tell you, VH1 and MTV networks really know how to put on an incredible show and create an incredible ambience. It was a rock and roll feeling the minute you walked into the auditorium with lights and music and feather boas and leather pants and colorful characters all over the place. MTV networks is to be commended for thinking of all of the little details to create a most enjoyable evening. The red carpet arrivals are unlike any other award show because they are so loose and with a 100% rock and roll attitude. Now to the show. We recommend viewing the VH1 and MTV award shows because they are just so fabulously produced. They are, in my opinion, the most entertaining and exciting award shows. The show opened in the most appropriate and the best way that the show could have opened, and that was with a very touching rendition of "Here Comes the Sun," by Jon Bon Jovi as a tribute to George Harrison. Then, it was a hilarious very creative comedy bit of the host Eric McCormick walking in the stage entrance doing all kinds of zany things. He kissed a baby, he did a mathematical equation, he had his blood pressure checked, he basted a turkey. Again, I gotta say that VH1 and MTV networks really know how to open a show with pizzazz and with surprises. NO DOUBT followed and that Gwen Stefani is such a sexy babe. This was the best fashion touch of the show. She had on a red sparkling g-string that came out on both sides above her jeans, and wow, what a sexy touch seeing that red sparkling g-string going down into her pants. Gwen, you know how to get the guys all hot and bothered. Then JEWEL had a very strong voice. Lenny Kravitz is a rock and roll god to many people. From the very first second of his number, the rock and roll excitement was generated. But, here we go now for the pleasure of my pouring out my emotions about the incredible CREED. Their extra loud, intense rock and roll is just unbelievable. I can sense when I am being entertained with emotions, when I can actually feel the goosebumps forming and I can actually feel the shivers down my spine. CREED does this unlike any other group in existence today. I've got to say that CREED is unmatchable in their level of performance. I usually don't like loud music, so it is especially convincing to me that CREED drives me wild. Usually I want to put my fingers in my ears when there is loud music, but with CREED, I can't believe that I actually want them to be louder. The show ended with Mick Jagger coming out strutting like a chicken singing his current hit "God Gave Me Everything." It's a great song. Thank you VH1 and MTV networks for loosening up America and giving them such entertaining award shows. What a pleasure.
PLAYBOY Jazz in Central Park, a celebration of the many offshoots of the jazz genre, at the Chrysler's Old Pasadena Summer Fest on Memorial Day Weekend May 24, 25, and 26th, 2003. One of the San Gabriel Valley's largest free community events, second only to the Tournament of Roses Parade, Chrysler's Old Pasadena Summer Fest showcases nationally recognized artists along with some of Southern California's best musicians. The free event features smooth/contemporary and traditional jazz, blues, R&B, Latin/Salsa and Afro-Cuban music live on the Playboy Jazz in Central Park Stage running from 11 am to approximately 8:30 pm each day. There is also live entertainment on a second stage, an international food festival, a children's area, a sports zone, more than 100 fine art and crafts exhibits, and tons of people. For information, call the Summer Fest Hotline at (626) 797-6803 or visit the website at http://www.oldpasadenasummerfest.com.
Gourmet Food and Wine Tasting at the Rockenwagner Restaurant, 2435 Main St. in Santa Monica on May 19th, 2003. It was a gourmet and wine aficionado's delight at this event benefiting the Foundation Fighting Blindness. There were all kinds of wine, but my favorite was, maybe because I like his films, the Francis Ford Coppola samples of red wine, and his chardonnay was especially delightful. I ran into my old friend, Charles Champlin, the former #1 film critic in Los Angeles for many years with the L.A. Times. He was with his most charming wife. The Foundation Fighting Blindness has this event annually, so we recommend you attend next year. The urgent mission of The Foundation Fighting Blindness is to discover the causes, treatments, preventions and cures for retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, Usher syndrome and the entire spectrum of inherited retinal degenerative diseases. For more information, contact the Foundation at (800) 683-5555 or their Website http://www.blindness.org.
SPCALA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles) presented their first ever Paws for Fashion Trunk Show and Silent Auction. This was a fundraising event to support animal welfare services and programs. Celebrating 125 years of service to the community, spcaLA is the leading animal welfare organization in Southern California. 1 (888) spca-LA1 or email spcaLA@spcaLA.com. http://www.spcala.com.
Local theater luminary and celebrated performance artist John Fleck, who became a national figure as one of the NEA Four, hosted and performed at a special guest event at Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood on Monday June 2. The launch party for the Dadaists was a benefit for the MET Theatre, a non-profit arts institution celebrating its 30th anniversary this August. The MET's first summer mainstage attraction will be the big-cast "The Dadaists," written by Christian Jon Meoli, directed by Harris Mann, and starring two-time L.A. Weekly Award winner Joe Fria. "The Dadaists" opens June 13th at the MET. Festivities for the party began at 7 p.m. with complimentary gourmet La Boheme appetizers and beverages from sponsoring companies. There followed a performance from Harmonie, a traditional 50 piece yodeling choir. Other performers included the Radical Teen Cheer and DaDa AttAcks (818) 980-9372.
FANS OF ADULT ENTERTAINMENT (FOXE) held their 12th annual FOXE AWARDS on Sunday June 23rd, 2003. In addition to giving the awards to the member's favorites and some wonderful dance numbers from the women performers, the focus of the evening was on the roast of Amber Lynn. She was introduced with a poem by the ever-fascinating Ron Jeremy. The roast continued with various adult industry people giving their comments. It was retitled a broast as no one was able to say anything sarcastic or critical of Amber. She is held in high regard by all. The writer of this, David Karpinski, really likes the way Bill Margold puts on a show. It is always very entertaining and never disappointing. For membership information, hit http://www.margoldsworld.com or e mail bmargold@aol.com. I'm already looking forward to next year when it will be held on June 17th, 2004, the Thursday preceding Erotica-LA.
MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION AWARDS at the Orpheum Theatre on May 8th, 2003. You would have received a graduate degree in music videos if you attended this event. Clips were shown from the nominated videos in so many different categories. It really was an educational experience, in addition to being a most entertaining show. The highlight of the show was the surprise performance of the curvaceous and bodacious Pussycat Dolls, with a sailor themed dance number. What surprised me is that Christina Aguilera mingled freely at the afterparty, which featured an open bar and tray passed hors d'oeuvres, and a 1000 people, with a lot of hot chicks that were dancers in music videos, along with a plethora of music video producers and directors. Everybody was talking business about what videos they have coming up in production. To network with music video professionals, we recommend you join the MVPA. Call (213) 387-1590 or hit their website http://www.mvpa.com.
METHODFEST closing night awards ceremony on April 18, 2003, with Peter Falk and Henry Jaglom. If you like unique, one-of-a-kind films, this festival is for you. It is an independent film festival showcasing breakout acting performances. Receiving the lifetime achievement award was multi-talented actor Peter Falk, telling many interesting stories about his career. Also receiving an honorary award was actor/director Henry Jaglom, whose recent film "Festival In Cannes" was a hit on the independent festival circuit. Be sure to check this out at http://www.methodfest.com.
JOAN RIVERS at the CANON THEATRE in Beverly Hills. I like to laugh, and there is a laugh every 22 seconds with the queen of bitchy comedy, the one-and-only JOAN RIVERS. JOAN RIVERS is a comedienne, best-selling author, Tony-nominated actress, playwright, screenwriter, motion picture director, television talk-show host, jewelry designer, red-carpet fashion laureate, businesswoman, mother and grandmother. She is exhausted. Joan hosts live pre-show commentary for the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards telecasts, as well as other red-carpet events with her daughter, Melissa Rivers. Together, they barely make a living. Rivers, always looking for new ways to make a buck, brought her one-woman show, Broke and Alone, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to London's Theatre Royal Haymarket and in February, 2003, she took it to Sydney and Melbourne. In all three countries, Rivers received rave reviews and got lots of frequent flyer miles on Air Iraq. I really have to say that you forget your troubles when JOAN RIVERS is on the stage delivering her bombastic attack on whatever she is talking about. If you have a chance to see her, don't miss it.
THE COALITION OF LOS ANGELES DESIGNERS presented FALL03 at the Orpheum on April 4th, 2003. This was a very sexy and extremely well done show. The Coalition of Los Angeles Designers is a non-profit organization of LA based designers sharing resources, knowledge, experience, and support. CLAD is run by designers for designers. CLAD's mission is to use creativity and integrity to strengthen and support the flourishing Los Angeles design industry, and to bring recognition to the extraordinary talent that exists in the area. Past and present members of CLAD have included such illustrious designers as: Trina Turk, Eduardo Lucero, Estevan Ramos, Magda Berliner, Alicia Lawhon, Cynthia Vencent, Fredd Rojas, and Corey Lynn Calter to name a few.
INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS, Ring 21, presented on March 6th, 2003, one of the most creative thinkers and innovators in magic, DAN HARLAN. Ring 21 always has fascinating meetings and lectures. If you would like to be introduced to magic, there is no better experience than attending a Ring 21 lecture. If you are curious to join the brotherhood, we highly recommend visiting their website http://www.geocities.com/ibmring21/. Or you can call the current president Tim Mannix (323) 848-8922. The IBM Ring #21 meeting is always the first Thursday of the month at 7:30pm at 6051 Bellaire, North Hollywood.
SCREEN ACTORS GUILD Latino/Hispanic Subcommittee presented LATINO LEGACY IN HOLLYWOOD, a forum and Latino Pioneers' Tribute, at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel on Friday January 31st, 2003. Included in the evening were opening remarks by Melissa Gilbert, SAG President. I got a kick out of the introduction of Ms. Gilbert by calling her Mileena Gilbert, to give her a Latin name. Keynote speaker Edward James Olmos gave a powerful speech. When Mr. Olmos spoke, I was reminded of the passion and dignity that Cesar Chavez had when he spoke. A panel discussion "Latinos in Entertainment: Good Business Sense," was next, with 6 distinguished panelists including Moctesuma Esparza, Andy Heyward, Peter Murrieta, Todd Leavitt, Phil Roman, and Vance Van Petten. This was followed by an announcement by Ed Begley Jr. and Jesus Nebot, and performances by Bandidos de Amor with a special performance by Hector Elizondo. The 2003 Latino Legacy Awards were also presented. We hope to attend this evening and do a report on it annually.
FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN & MERCHANDISING opened their 11th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition. This is an exhibition not to be missed, running at 919 S. Grand, downtown Los Angeles. FIDM is to be so highly commended for the visceral experience of being within inches of viewing each incredible costume from so many films. Never have I seen and enjoyed so many intricate costumes in one experience. This was such a classy evening and FIDM is such a classy place. If you want to learn about fashion, this is the place; there is no other place to excel in your fashion learning experience. (213) 624-1200. http://www.fidm.com Shirley Wilson does an excellent job of publicity. However, Shirley, unfortunately you have every phony press and party crasher attending this wonderful event. They do nothing for you and they crash parties every single day. Your wonderful event is targeted every year, year after year, by these people, and they tell other people to crash. Perhaps, I can assist you in this matter. Be sure not to miss FIDM's annual fashion show held every year in the spring.
FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN & MERCHANDISING (FIDM) L.A. Fashion Gala debut at the Barker Hanger. This is the best fashion show of the year. It is tremendously exciting and well-staged and the fashions were very diversified. It is the most creative and the most well-produced. We suggest you purchase a ticket each year for the fabulous FIDM debut show usually held in March. http://www.fidm.com.
LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS at the EAST WEST PLAYERS, playing thru March 9, 2003. It is a delight to leave a show that leaves you in a positive, upbeat mood. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS really does that. You cannot beat the frivolity and craziness of my favorite number "I'm a Dentist." What was surprisingly poignant and touching was my second favorite song "Suddenly, Seymour." The constant growing of the plant, Audry II is a joy. When it is giant-size, and devours people, it is hilarious and a sight to behold The art direction was exceptionally good with the design and mechanical working of the giant plant. Hats off to the EAST WEST PLAYERS for another great show. Their next show is "The Nisei Women's Club," from May 8 thru June 8, 2003. http://www.eastwestplayers.org (213) 625-7000.
SHANGHAI KNIGHTS from Touchstone Pictures. Well, I was wrong. I thought that this would be a mindless, boring, forgettable film. I was so surprised at the minute-by-minute entertainment value. Never a dull moment. Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson have such superb chemistry and comic timing. I was so delighted at how enjoyable this film was. Don't miss theouttakes at the end, they are quite a highlight. They should make the outtakes at the end even longer.
SONY ERICSSON launch of their new telephone products at the Palace was the hottest party in town. If you wanted to be at a party with all of the trendy types in Los Angeles, this certainly was the party. Sony Ericsson mobile phones will arrive pre-loaded with up to four embedded polyphonic ring tones. The ring tone options will represent a wide variety of music such as pop, youth/urban, country and contemporary. The featured ring tones will be updated and refreshed on a regular basis. "We are continually looking for new ways to bring artists' music to their fans, making this a natural partnership for us," added Thomas Gewecke, Senior Vice President, Sony Music Digital Services. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB offers mobile communications products for people who appreciate the possibilities of powerful technology. The Mobil Products Group is responsible for the ongoing expansion of Sony Music Entertainment's global wireless efforts, which currently include ringtones and album previews. My friends, the Hilton sisters, Paris and Niki Hilton, were there. It is so easy for a lot of cute girls to be stuck-up, and unpleasant. However, I have to say that it is so natural and easy for Paris and Niki to be friendly and courteous. They owe it to their parents for a good upbringing. http://www.sonyericsson.com
HEALTHY HOUR - BUSINESS SOCIAL EVENTS - presented by Bob Rosebrock. I highly recommend the delightful and healthy ambience of these well-attended social mixers that are LA's new alternative to the "happy hour." Healthy Hour events have become "the place" to meet for afterwork networking to those who choose not to drink alcohol while socializing. Healthy hour offers more than 50 specialty non-alcoholic beverages along with a selection of healthy appetizers and hors d'oeuvres. Set in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Healthy Hour events attract professionals and entrepreneurs that are seeking out new business contacts as well as enlarging their own personal social connections. Healthy Hour is held at some of LA's most elegant and trendy restaurants, hotels, and private clubs. Call (310) 472-2717 to learn of their next reception. Email: healthyhour@aol.com.
FRANK SINATRA HALL dedication at the USC Cinema-TV Complex. Class, class, and more class. Not only am I very proud to be a USC Cinema-TV alumnus, but I also must say that USC does events with such style and pizzazz. Walking into the new Sinatra Hall, there was a 12 piece jazz big band playing all of the Sinatra greats. What a privilege and memorable experience to hear Nancy Sinatra, Tina Sinatra, and Quincy Jones reminisce about Ol' Blue Eyes. Then came some incredible student singers performing "Come Fly With Me," "Luck Be A Lady," and "I've Got You Under My Skin." I was so impressed with and touched by the exceptional quality of the singing performances by all 4 singers and the big band conducted by Quincy Jones. Then, to everyone's surprise, from the rear down the aisle came the USC Marching Band, with a chorus line of those cute and nimble USC cheerleaders, which put everyone in a rousing USC spirit. It was great to hear "New York, New York" played by the one and only USC Marching Band. Another highlight was the video clips of people commenting on how much Frank Sinatra meant to them. It was heartwarming to hear how the Sinatra family wanted to do something special here at USC. The display cases in the lobby were full of Sinatra memorabilia and bring back memories for anyone who has the pleasure of viewing this exhibit. Oh, one more thing....Oops, there goes....another rubber tree plant.
LOVE RIDE on November 10, 2002. We want to commend Harley Davidson of Glendale for creating the LOVE RIDE and after-party/concert and delicious BBQ at Castaic Lake. It is indeed an awesome sight. For someone who is not used to hearing this many bikes at one time, it can initially be overwhelming. The opening concert at 7am was with Jefferson Starship, one of my favorite groups. I love each one of their songs, and it put the riders in a good spirit to start the LOVE RIDE. Last year, I was so mad at myself for missing Vanilla Fudge kicking off the event. But wait, there's more. At Castaic Lake we had the pleasure of hearing 2 legendary performers Mick Fleetwood and Sheryl Crow. Harley Davidson of Glendale keeps topping themselves each year with their line-up of entertainment for the LOVE RIDE. I wonder who they will have performing next year. The celebrity press conference had many stars and opened with the wonderfully funny Jay Leno. When he came out to the crowd of about 20,000 he said "Free Winona, Free Winona; and that is the real reason we are here." When he introduced Paul Kantner, who looks so very aged like Keith Richards, Jay said "This guy is only 27 years old and is an example of what happens when you live the rock and roll lifestyle." For an afternoon of fun, we recommend so very highly the annual LOVE RIDE of Harley Davidson of Glendale, 3717 San Fernando Rd. Stop by and see their unbelievable wide variety of bikes. http://www.loveride.org (818) 246-5618. We look forward to reporting on next year's event.
I just saw the trailer of 25TH HOUR. It looks like a very taught, suspenseful film starring Edward Norton. And it has one of my favorite actors who is consistently quirky and I cannot take my eyes off him when he is on the screen, Philip Seymour Hoffman. And it has that very sexy Rosario Dawson. Directed by Spike Lee. Released by Touchstone Films. Website http://www.25thhour.movies.com. If you wish to automatically link to this website, move your mouse so the arrow is on the line underneath the website name and click. You will be automatically connected to the site.
ROGER DODGER from Artisan Entertainment. Every line and every scene in this film was written so well. It was a totally enjoyable film from beginning to end about men chasing women and trying to hook-up with the opposite sex. If you want to see a film loaded with lines that are entertaining and fresh at every moment, I recommend this film. I like so very much and intimate, personal film like this. Kudos to Artisan Entertainment for this film.
COLUMBIA COLLEGE student film festival at Raleigh Studios on October 23, 2002. It is so enjoyable to socialize with student filmmakers after a screening of their films. Columbia College has a distinguished faculty and their curriculum of film and television courses is unmatched., Visit their campus in Tarzana.
MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION held their artfest at Smashbox Studios on September 13th, 2002. It was a real eclectic, creative crowd appreciating all of the art. Music video producers and directors certainly are a diverse bunch. There are elegant, sophisticated people and hippy-dippy types and the gamut of personalities. It was enjoyable chatting with the wide variety of personalities. If you are interested in music video production, this is the organization to join. Call (323) 469-9494. I am sorry to have to say that I certainly would not recommend the public relations firm of People's Revolution. Not only would they not allow us to do a write-up of this event and not return my phone call, but they also allowed every single phony press person into this event. I counted 30-40 of the phony press leeches that con so-called public relations professionals day after day. Other than myself, there was not one legitimate press person there. Every single phony press person that I tried to warn them would be crashing the event, was there. We had to make arrangements with the Music Video Production Association directly, and I want to thank Drea for allowing us to attend. I hope these habitual, party-crashing scumbags do not take advantage of the MVPA again. To Jennifer Gross of People's Revolution PR: if you want me to change my opinion of your neglecting a legitimate press person who wants to do a write-up, and allowing all of the phonies in; then, would you please call me and we'll have a long, very professional chat.
EXOTIC-EROTIC BALL on September 1, 2002 at the Sunset Room. Produced by PERRY MANN. This was the wildest party I've been to in many a moon. All kinds of sexy costumes and sexy, uninhibited partygoers that had to be seen to be believed. There was a male dominant/female submissive show in the VIP room. 2 Live Crew were the star performers ending the evening on the main stage. Tracy Bingham from Baywatch and Bill Maher were strolling thru the crowd having a fun time. Everyone there was so uninhibited, and the costumes were so creatively sexy. JAMES BARTHOLET, of LA Nightlife fame, was the excellent MC. He always does a great job of MC'ing any event. There were so many girls that liked to show themselves off that one didn't know where to look next. PERRY MANN is to be commended for conceiving the premise of this event. They are having another Exotic-Erotic Ball at the Sunset Room on October 13th. The publicists for this event did not have the initiative to ask me to do a write-up on this event. They obviously don't even know or care about the many phony press freeloaders who do nothing to publicize an event in advance; or do a write-up, as I do both. I cannot understand why these publicists are oblivious to the plethora of leeches who con public relations professionals and con their way into events day after day. Every one of the crashers were there, maybe about 30-40. Each should have paid to get in. BY THE WAY, I'M HAPPY TO BE OF SERVICE TO ANY PR AGENCY OR PRODUCER WHO WOULD LIKE TO SCREEN THE LEECHES. I had to contact the producer directly for entry, and we want to thank Perry Mann for an incredible event. Perry, I hope you are not taken advantage of by these people again, on October 13th.
Disney certainly knows how to make a thought provoking, classy film. TUCK EVERLASTING was a delight from the very first frame. This film deals with the ethereal . It is a journey into another world. Leave it to Disney to be able to pull this off. The film could have easily fell flat on its face with even a minor error, but it succeeds profoundly with finesse and poignancy.
MOONLIGHT MILE is a very challenging script for the actors and I thought the actors did a very good job. They are all superb actors. Ultimately, it was a film that I cared about the characters. I got swept away and cared about what the people were going thru and what was going to happen to them. I was moved and I was caught up in their lives. I felt like I was really there with them, living with them, and experiencing everything they were going thru.
ARCLIGHT HOLLYWOOD presented the world premiere of the September 11 inspired music documentary "In The Wake of the Madness" on September 4, 2002, with proceeds from the event benefiting the September 11 ongoing recovery program. The film documents a concert fundraiser held in Los Angeles at the Sunset Room on September 23, 2001. The digital documentary intercuts live performances with comments from show attendees as well as images and interviews from New York during and after the September 11 tradedy. The reception afterwards was really full of cool, hip people. The original material of the band was really good "party mood music." Not only is the Arclight the most beautiful and comfortable movie experience, but they also have movie screening programs that are not found at any other theatre in the city. http://www.arclightcinemas.com
AFI & ARCLIGHT continued with their Music Documentary series, a screening of "Gimmer Shelter" the 1970 documentary about the Rolling Stones/Jefferson Airplane concert that broke out in violence and marked the official end of the Woodstock era. It was such a pleasure to see this well-made film at the ArcLight. This theater features huge screens and the best in sound. It made me feel like I was part of the experience I was watching. Seeing live concert footage there made me feel like I was actually watching a live show. That is how good the sound and the view is. ArcLight describes it as enhancing the movie lover's emotional connection to the movies. A special salute to AFI for their film series. http://www.afi.com
JEFF GUND is a creative artist dealing in music and sound design. We are going to do a write-up about his design projects. Ask me about being added to his fascinating e-mail list.
"SIMONE." Distributed by New Line Cinema. An incredibly fabulous film. I couldn't wait to give my comments and do this review. Whoever the executives are, I want to commend you for greenlighting this film, after reading the script, and realizing that this is a film where potentially every scene, and every frame of film could be interesting. And indeed it was. Maybe 1 out of 20 films, make that 1 out of 50 or more films has this quality of every single frame being interesting and holding your attention and enjoyment. This is, of course, the talent of the director; and we want to commend Andrew Niccol, who also produced. This film is a textbook case of how a film should be. Please, no more sports movies with the underdog becoming the winner (although I guess they've forgotten ping pong and chewing-tobacco spitting), or other trite premises. I would love to get a phone call from the publicity department at New Line Cinema to review my review. Will you please leave a message on my Entertainment and Party Hotline (323) 960-2000. In fact, may I request every publicity department of every film distributor to put me on your press mailing list. We would like to review every one of your films.
X-POSITION is a celebration of art, music and life. Food, art, fashion and jewelry for sale. Next one is November 16th, 2002. http://www.xpositionlive.com
SUSAN SOARES MOVIEMAKING TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE & PARTY at the Century Club on September 3rd, 2002. There were approximately 30 displays of all kinds of equipment and filmmaking technology. Plus, to my surprise, there was one of the sexiest bikini fashion shows I've ever seen, with bikinis from Brazil, meaning there was a lot of skin exposed on the oh-so tall, thin, and shapely models. What a delight to look at. We compliment Susan Soares for putting together a most fascinating moviemaking technology showcase and excellent party.
ASIAN MODEL EXPO at the Sheraton Harbor Hotel in San Pedro, on August 25th, 2002. Your eyeballs would have popped out if you like looking at cute, adorable, sexy, glamorous Asian girls. They were all over the place. Moses Marquez is to be commended for a producing a very high quality event. Check out their website http://www.asianmodelexpo.com to find out when the next one is, or call 562-867-9610.
PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS at the Coronet Theatre starting August 15, 2002. If you want to laugh and laugh and laugh, this show is guaranteed to make your cheeks (on your face) hurt so much from laughing as mine did. This show is obviously so totally unique and wacky that you are awestruck with glee after it's over. What an experience. PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS begins where "The Full Monty" ends; with two naked penis puppeteers on stage presenting the ancient Australian art of genital origami with an astounding and outstanding series of penis installations. Complete information can be found by visiting http://www.puppetryofthepenis.com. Requiring astonishing stamina, an unbelievable stretch factor and an amazing level of testicular fortitude, PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS leaves women and men gasping. More than 40 heroic and hilarious installations are presented including crowd pleasers, tourist attractions and food products like The Pelican, The Windsurfer, The Eiffel Tower, the Loch Ness Monster, and their signature creation, The Hamburger. Public relations for this show handled by Davidson & Choy Publicity. Their next show is "Mamma Mia," at the Ahmanson in October. We're looking forward to doing a review of this show, because it contains the wonderful, infectious music of ABBA, every song a delight. Don't miss both of these shows.
CLUB VODKA holds their weekly rock and roll spectacular party at 6655 Santa Monica Blvd. They have a fabulous buffalo wings buffet with salad and other delights included in the admission price. They have rock and roll headliner bands in the mainroom, and what I find so very enjoyable, they also feature a different tribute band in the other room each week. Call (323) 960-5125.
Special guest speaker Deputy Mayor Brian K. Williams presented by the Membership Committee of the Los Angeles JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. This Chamber of Commerce always has an excellent speaker, and plenty of room for learning and involvement if you choose that route as a member.
A very special kick-off party at LE MERIDIEN at Beverly Hills called CREATIVE INDUSTRY FRIDAYS. This party had sexy dancers, a party buzz that made me want to stay forever, very high energy, and an exciting group of people attending the party. Will continue every Friday. Hosted by James R. Coulter, Entertainment Industry Manager, and Bill Haig of Cafe Noir. Website is creative_industry.tripod.com (do not type "www"). Call (310) 246-5526 for guest list consideration.
MILEENA C. SARAIVA (MIMI) presented her art opening at Santa Monica College Art Mentor Program Exhibition titled "Still Life With Bunnies." Brazilian born, Milenna experimented with dance and drawing before settling on oil painting as her best means of self-expression. Some of her paintings depict the struggle between the faceless crowd with its collective power in opposition to the individual with his or her solo energy. Milenna uses enigmatic dream images to inspire other work while beauty and the self-image of women is another major theme. Her latest series is comprised of nine interconnected self-portraits, revealing multiple selves through an exploration of the different expressions she presents to the world. It was a hot party with a lot of cute students.
EAST WEST PLAYERS, the premiere Asian Pacific Islander Theatre in the country, has a real winner with THE WORLD GOES ROUND, playing thru June 30, 2002. My favorite number was "Sara Lee," an ode to cake. The dramatic "Maybe This Time," sung by Jennifer Paz from Flower Drum Song and Miss Saigon, was a show-stopper. Show tunes abound in this delightful musical, and you can't feel unhappy when the jubilant show tunes are projected from the stage. Tunes are from the shows Cabaret, Chicago, Funny Lady, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and New York, New York. A filling celebration filled with humor, romance, and drama; THE WORLD GOES ROUND promises a night filled with melody and insightful lyrics.
DESIGNER'S LIGHTING FORUM held an absolutely fascinating discussion of neon and neon art. LILI LAKICH is the predominant neon artist in Los Angeles and perhaps the world. Her comments and explanation of the history of neon art was so entertaining. We recommend the programs of the Designer's Lighting Forum. Call (310) 535-0105 for their hotline. Their website is http://www.dlfla.org.
My friend, BILL MARGOLD, had his annual F.O.X.E. "Friends of X-Rated Entertainment" Awards at the Mayan Theatre. BILL MARGOLD is the most respected gentleman in the adult film industry. The show was absolutely sensational because it was a comedy roast of Ron Jeremy, the notorious and illustrious and aging adult film star. Everybody knows and likes Ron Jeremy, including myself. There were so many adult film stars that came up on stage and made hilarious remarks. A very entertaining evening. There were 8 or 10 different female exotic dancers and strippers who did a great job of performing. The closing act was a contortionist. BILL MARGOLD, thank you from Ray Engel for a very, very entertaining evening. We look forward to doing a write-up each year, because every show in the future will have a different roast.
OLD PASADENA SUMMER FEST over Memorial day weekend is absolutely, positively, the only place to be to relax and enjoy the weekend. Every Memorial day weekend if there is one place I recommend for one of the 3 days, this is the place. To chill-out and enjoy the cool jazz that lasts all afternoon is so doggone enjoyable. There is another stage of dance and variety entertainment also. Plus, so may different food vendors and exhibits of all kinds. There was almost every conceivable type of food available. We especially liked the Greek Gyros sandwiches. Our choice was lamb, and it was mouth-watering. The catering of this item was from First Choice Foods. They cater for all special occasions. To stroll thru the entire central park in Pasadena, located on Fair Oaks south of Colorado Blvd., is very satisfying. Each year, plan on hitting this event for at least 1 day.
FRIARS CLUB tribute on April 17, 2002 to one of the club's most respected founders and adored members - MILTON BERLE. I'm sorry we were late for the festivities because we missed Red Buttons, who probably was the most spontaneously funny performer on the dais. Larry King was the emcee, and we walked in when Connie Stevens made some remarks. Norm Crosby was very poignant in his remembering Milton Berle. Shelly Berman was his usual caustic self. Then Sid Caesar did his hilarious non-English language ramblings. I'm told that Arnold Swarzenegger made some hilarious remarks. Jan Murray said, and I agree, that every comedian young and old has borrowed or been taught something from Uncle Miltie. The FRIARS CLUB is a very special group of people who are so inherently nice to each other, and to their guests. We hope to be doing many future write-ups of events at the FRIARS CLUB. Public relations excellently handled by Gary Kishner of the Pollack pr marketing group.
THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER held its reception to announce the nominees of the inaugural Student Scholarship Competition of its annual Key Art Awards, the premiere competition for movie marketers. We must commend THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER for installing creativity in college students to re-interpret the Key Art from the Golden Globe Award winners for best drama and best comedy. The event was held on May 23rd, 2002 at the beautiful Hollywood History Museum, 1660 N. Highland, in Hollywood. The building holds so many fascinating exhibits. It was also so very exciting to stroll thru and see all of the Key Art posters from hundreds of motion pictures. The student contest consists of two categories - best poster and best trailer - and is open to any full-time college or design school student in California. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER presents the 31st annual Key Art awards honoring achievements in motion picture marketing and advertising. This year's awards ceremony will be held Friday, June 28th at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. To purchase tickets, visit http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/keyarts. We look forward to giving you a full report on how enjoyable and interesting the Key Art Awards were on June 28.
ACE GALLERY gala opening of photo exhibit "The Well-Lived Life" presented by HOUSE & GARDEN MAGAZINE. My favorite part of the exhibition was an incredible array of giant 5 by 6 foot photographs of nothing but hands and fingers with tremendous high-quality photographic resolution. There were all kinds of fingers with all types of skin. It was just an amazing feeling to see these photographs. It was really creative and a true delight to study these photographs extremely up close. The ACE GALLERY at 5514 Wilshire always has unusual and delightful exhibits. It is always a unique pleasure to stroll thru their gigantic space, which is one of the largest, if not the largest gallery in Los Angeles. I always enjoy strolling thru the ACE GALLERY more than any other gallery. The public relations for this event was, as always, excellently handled by Ivy Mollenkamp & Christina Lee of Rogers & Cowan. They always do a first-class job. Rogers & Cowan is one of the top public relations agencies in the city.
DOC'S FOOTBALL JOURNAL is unquestionably the very best college and pro football journal in the world. The journal's format will include the NFL exhibition season, all major college and NFL regular season games, bowl games, and playoffs. Also includes next week's opponent, last year's scores, and last year's Vegas line, along with complete college statistics of teams that played each other last year. To order your journal, call (800) 356-9182.
COURT TV NETWORK held their 1 year anniversary party for HOLLYWOOD AT LARGE on April 10th, 2002, at the beautiful Highlands nightclub in the Hollywood & Highland complex. HOLLYWOOD AT LARGE is a fascinating tv show because it deals with legal matters exclusively in the entertainment industry. Gorgeous host Wendy Walsh was present, along with many dignitaries from the tv industry. The show is aired on Court TV at 7pm on Fridays, 11pm on Saturdays, and on Sunday night at 1am, all times Pacific time. Ever since it hit the airwaves last February, HOLLYWOOD AT LARGE has continued to feed the public's ongoing fascination with celebrities and the law and crime in television, movies, books and the Internet. Over the past year, the show has grown in popularity among die-hard crime and justice fans, and has hammered out hard-hitting interviews with Hollywood heavy-weights.
The 11th annual L.A. SHANTI Wine Tasting & Gourmet Food Tasting & Auction on April 7, 2002. This is the absolute best gourmet food tasting of the year. The restaurants this year were: Blue Palms, Border Grill, The Canal Club, Chan Dara, Champagne French Bakery, Chaya Brasserie, Chaya Venice, Chin Chin, The Daily Grill, Dandy Don's Homemade Ice Cream, Figaro Restaurant, The House Restaurant, Intemperantia, James' Beach, Jiraffe, Josie, La Boheme, La Brea Bakery, La Conversation, Louise's Trattoria, Mortons Restaurant, Ocean Avenue Seafood, Whole Foods Restaurant. In my opinion, the number one gourmet delight was from the LA BOHEME restaurant. They had a slice of fresh ahi tuna over a bed of uniquely seasoned mashed potatoes with some greens. This fabulous flavor combination sent my taste buds thru the roof. Every restaurant indeed had a wonderful tasting of their sample cuisine, but this one was my absolute favorite. We highly recommend as a highlight of your year the annual L.A. SHANTI Wine Tasting and Auction. Their phone number is (323) 962-8197. http://www.lashanti.org.
INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY ASSOCIATION (IDA) with major support from Sundance and Documentary Channel presented a celebration of the Academy Awards Nominees in the Documentary Categories at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. MC duties professionally handled by Alfre Woodard and Edward James Olmos. What a pleasant way to spend an evening. Not only did you get to meet the filmmakers, but you got to see selected scenes from each and every nominated film. "Sing!" Freida Lee Mock, Director & Jessica Sanders, Producer; "Lalee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton" Susan Froemke, Director/Producer & Deborah Dickson, Co-Director/Editor; "Murder On A Sunday Morning" Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Director & Denis Poncet, Producer; "Artists and Orphans: A True Drama" Lianne Klapper McNally, Director/Producer; "Promises" Justine Shapiro, Director/Producer & B.Z. Goldberg, Director/Producer; "Children Underground" Edet Belzberg, Director/Producer; "Thoth" Sarah Kernochan, Director/Producer & Lynn Appelle, Producer; "War Photographer" Christian Frei, Director/Producer. Following the screenings, there was a wonderful reception. All of the films will be screened in their entirety at "Docuday," Saturday, March 23 from 10am to midnight at the Raleigh Theatre.
LASER VAUDEVILLE March 9th, 2002 at CALTECH in Pasadena. I must say that CALTECH has an amazing array of unique theatrical shows that are visually exciting to watch and will leave you with a wonderful spirit upon leaving. I was very lucky to come across, out of the blue, the Laser Vaudeville show. It opened with a black-lit fire breathing dragon doing a most enjoyable monologue. Then came more totally unique black-light effects. Then, a incredible show of all kinds of juggling. The joy emanating from the audience's enjoyment of the show was so infectious. At CALTECH, they have "Wofa!," Percussion and Dance from Guinea, West Africa on March 23,2002; "The Second Hand, Dance With a Muscle," on April 6, 2002; "Ethos Percussion Group," April 13th, 2002; Hollywood Hills Orchestra with "Love Songs of the Fifties," April 19th, 2002; "Lily-Cai Chinese Dance Company," April 27th, 2002; and "Capitol Steps," a political satire, May 3 and 4, 2002. Website is http://www.events.caltech.edu We hope to be working with CALTECH, in the future, publicizing these wonderful shows.
BEVERLY HILLS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Club 239 Mixer On February 12th, 2002 at the BARFLY. There was an incredible fashion show of Playboy brand apparel. I must commend Playboy for their fashion items for both men and women. Every outfit was really hip and trendy. I would like to have a couple of the men's items myself. My favorite model of the show was the spectacular Jennifer Walcott, Playboy Playmate, Miss August 2001. She is also featured on the http://www.playboy.com website. Jennifer, please call me to invite you to some movie premieres. You are so very special. Club 239 is comprised of dynamic, young and talented business professionals interested in networking, building friendships and socializing. The club is where relationships are developed, business opportunities emerge, and the future is determined. For more info. - Fred Anderson (310) 248-1000 x.111 or anderson@beverlyhillscc.org.
ENTERTAINMENT PUBLICISTS PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY Mixer. Let me tell you, if you want to go to a mixer with every single person there being legitimately involved in entertainment publicity, this is the organization for you. It is a an important function to network among professionals and to do so with an organization that is well-focused upon what one's interests are. Everyone at this mixer was discussing only entertainment publicity. We highly recommend you join the ENTERTAINMENT PUBLICISTS PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY (888) 399-EPPS or (213) 891-2781.
I can't believe what an incredible film MULHOLLAND DRIVE was. This film has many qualities that make it ultra-superior and memorable. One quality that makes a film excellent is when there are a lot of twists and turns and you never know what is going to happen next from one minute to another. There are so many films where you keep looking at your watch hoping that it's going to end. This film is just the opposite. The other quality that this film has that only one film has out of 200 has is that it stays with you after it is over. Riding in the car from the film I still had the feeling of the film in me, which permeated every cell in my body. This is a director's film. David Lynch is what film directing is all about: originality, quirkiness, totally unique, one-of-a-kind filmmaking. David, I cannot wait to see your next film. Every film that you do is a must-see. I feel you are one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema.
PAUL FEGEN, the living legend of New Year's Eve, held his what seems like 1000'th New Years Eve party at his mansion in the West Hollywood Hills. The living legend himself, FIG, is known for having 3 times as many girls at his party as men. FIG used to stand for "girls in free" backwards. Now it stands for "finest in girls." Paul Fegen is indeed a legendary party host in this town. Paul Fegen is also the highest respected personal injury attorney. If you need a personal injury attorney, or a wrongful termination attorney, or a sexual harassment attorney, Paul Fegen is the one to select. His phone is (310) 286-1111. Paul, Mr Fig, I am so gratified to be friends with you for over 30 years, since the early 70's, when David Bowie performed in your living room. Oops, maybe that is giving our ages away.
HOLLYWOOD BLVD NEW YEAR'S EVE and VIP area party. The street was blocked off, and this was the largest party in the area. Two stages, one at Hollywood and Vine, one at Hollywood and Cahuenge, with pulsating ultra high quality dance music. The dj's really now how to get the crowd in a groove. The VIP area was on Cosmos Street and in Star Shoes, which has a great ambience of a shoe store combined with a 30 foot long bar.
GARDEN OF EDEN held a very exquisite New Year's Eve party with an ultra gourmet buffet. The newly remodeled club is quite a showplace, and has many nooks and crannies for cozy sitting. The ambience was superb along with a very high class caliber of people.
FIGARO RESTAURANT, 1802 Vermont, had their Borsalino theme evening. The hors d'oeuvres were absolutely spectacular and so delicate in their mixture of flavors. The cocktails were very special indeed. My 2 favorites were the Tommy Dorsey (Midori, Vodka and Pineapple Juice) and The Louis Armstrong (Ameretto, Bailey's and Cream). Theme music from "The Godfather" was playing in the background, and all of the waiters were dressed like 1930's gangsters. Thank God that no one rushed in and shot someone like in "The Godfather," as the music and the gangster outfits gave me that feeling. It was a very ultra-gourmet delightful evening at the FIGARO RESTAURANT. Public relations excellently handled by Mona El Yafi of Meduza Media. We are going to be reviewing the sit-down dinner cuisine of FIGARO RESTAURANT at a later date. This event had such a wonderful ambience of creativity and style.
VODKA LATKA 3 of the entertainment and fashion divisions of the Jewish Federation at the El Rey Theatre on December 13, 2001. A fabulous, fabulous, fashion show from Sharon Segal at Fred Segal. All of the outfits were great. Let me tell you, I could not stop thinking of the one Asian model that was the most unforgettable model in the show: Sophia, a Chinese hottie, slender and tall and elegant and sexy, and oh, so delightful to look at. Sophia, does it sound like I like you? Back to the party. The Jewish Federation is to be commended for their excellent events. We highly recommend any event they produce. It is loaded with high quality people and is a guaranteed fun time. What was interesting was when the male models came out in their bare chests, the females in the audience all started screaming. But, when the female models came out, the guys made no sound. They probably were screaming on the inside.
THE NUTCRACKER presented by the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE thru December 23, 2001, at the beautiful new KODAK THEATRE at Hollywood & Highland. To put you in the holiday spirit, this is the show to see. It is so beautiful and whimsical, with lavish scenery and fabulous costumes, This production excelled in production value and quality ballet performance. If you want to treat yourself to a pre-Christmas holiday treat, this is the production to experience.
SANDRA BERNHARD at the Knitting Factory. Sandra has a cult following and the house was packed and loved her. She certainly has a unique and rambling comedy style that makes fun of most of the female icons in the world today. I especially liked her comments on Mariah Carey. What surprised me the most was her excellent singing voice. She closed the show with an Elvis song that reminded me of how I got goosebumps listening to it with the deep voice of Elvis: "In The Cold Kentucky Rain." Sandra's version was especially good and it was a great, inspiring way to end the show. The Knitting Factory is an excellent venue to see any performer. Every viewpoint is an excellent view of the show.
DMK presented their annual pre-Thanksgiving super-blast at the MAYAN in downtown L.A. Let me tell you, if you want to go to an event with 2,000 people wall to wall, and hundreds and hundreds of unbelievably cute Asian girls bumping and grinding and gyrating in different positions, this is the party for you. What is really indigenous to this kind of party is the Asian guys, for the most part, hang around together bs'ing about this, that, and the next thing, and not paying attention to the girls. There are so many cute Asian girls holding hands and walking through the crowd because the Asian men want to talk among themselves. So, gentlemen, here is your chance. Do not miss the dmkworld.com annual parties on July 3rd and on the day before Thanksgiving. Hit their website http://www.dmkworld.com.
DO JUMP! at the GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE, 10886 Le Conte in Westwood. To me, it is the essence of excellent theater when every minute you experience a production in which every minute you don't know what to expect next. This was the wonderful quality of DO JUMP! Another added element that is certainly rare in theater is the element of danger, and this show had dangerous moments throughout. The kite flying above the audience was too close for comfort with the kite operator twirling his kite magnificently with unexpected ups and downs and turns that I was fearful of him hitting somebody in the head. Fortunately, that did not happen, and I don't think it will happen during the run of the show. This really got the attention of the audience because of the element of danger. The aerialists also could have easily slipped and hurt themselves. They were holding on to their trapeze with just one hand and swirling around constantly. It seemed to me that they defied gravity. The ho ha, ha ho, ah ha, ha ha part of the show was fun also. If you want a show that is whimsical and completely different, check out DO JUMP! at the Geffen.
THE OVATION AWARDS at the beautiful new KODAK THEATRE at Hollywood & Highland. It is so enthralling to experience the joy and applause of local theater people receiving their awards. As was mentioned, there are more intimate theaters in the Los Angeles area than any other place in the world. It is commendable that the Theatre League Alliance acknowledges their work, along with acknowledging excellence in the larger theaters. This production will be remembered for the mysterious "walking people" that tranced around before presenters appeared on stage. David Hyde Pierce said that they were "scary." Bill Pullman said that they almost "dragged him in, but he luckily escaped." The most touching part of the evening was the video tribute to theater people who had passed away in the last year. I am sure the correct framing of the video screen will be addressed in the future. Highlights of the evening were the beautiful singing performance by Lea Salonga singing from "Flower Drum Song," and a singing excerpt from "Aida." I really enjoyed the very entertaining opening remarks by Lea Salonga and Bruce Vilanch. We highly recommend the annual OVATION AWARDS, not only because it is a good show; but also because it makes you feel good to see the theater community unite and wildly cheer their own. Call Theatre LA at (213) 614-0556 around September 2002 for their next show, or hit their website http://www.theatrela.org, or we recommend you subscribe to their wonderful magazine LA STAGE. The new Kodak Theatre is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful, but here is my one complaint, and I can't believe that the architect or the seat manufacturer didn't think of this. The seats are very comfortable, but half way thru the show my elbows started to hurt and I realized that someone made the decision to use wooden armrests instead of padded armrests. How could someone choose wooden armrests when they are spending millions of dollars on this theater? Maybe they will consider padding the armrests.
MERV GRIFFIN Christmas Tree Party. Merv Griffin certainly does things with class and this party where Christmas trees donated by celebrities are auctioned off is certainly one of the highlights of the holiday season. The ambience of the holiday spirit is contagious so that even if you enter feeling like Scrooge, you are put in the holiday spirit just by being present. Thank you Merv for having this wonderful event.
JOUVAL of LIFE ELITE members club had a spectacular party in the pool clubhouse of the Bel Air Crest exclusive gated community. This is the way to have a party inside of a high-class gated community with a very elegant country club-like party atmosphere, overlooking the pool, which put most hotel pools to shame. Jouval is to be commended for creating this party for his very classy members. We highly recommend you join the LIFE ELITE members club, (323) 852-6060. Ask for Jouval.
Tribute to the RAT PACK. I couldn't believe it, but I actually felt like I was back in the 50's in the second row of a Las Vegas show, with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis singing ten feet in front of me. These guys are fabulous. It was just so entirely enjoyable with the recreation. All three of these guys have it nailed. They do Sinatra, Martin, and Davis and all their hits. What a unique, one-of-a-kind, and totally enjoyable experience.
Opening party of the GEORGE MICHAEL salon, 9845 Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, with many friendly members of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. It is a beautiful salon, and has a full range of services for you to experience. The hospitality was par excellence with an Indian buffet of culinary delights by Gangadin Indian Cuisine, 326 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills. We want to thank the George Michael Salon for making us feel so welcome at their opening.
BEVERLY HILLS BAR ASSOCIATION Vintage Bouquet restaurant and wine tasting. The event was held in the beautiful, elegant setting of the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. A wonderful afternoon of gourmet sampling and the highest quality wine. The Greystone Mansion is a magnificent setting and the Beverly Hills Bar Association is to be commended. Culinary delights provided by Delmonico's Seafood Grille, Il Fornaio Restaurant and Bakery, Jer-ne Restaurant & Bar, Knitting Factory Club Hollywood, Lawry's The Prime Rib, McCormick & Schmick's The Fish House, and Party Organization & Catering. We highly recommend this annual event. The event coordinator is Knock Out Productions, Inc.
LENNY'S BACK at the American Renegade Theatre, 11136 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, thru November 3, 2001, a recreation of Lenny Bruce. If you liked the staccato rambling style of Lenny Bruce's type of comedy, then you will love this well-written show. Barry Pearl looks like and sounds like Lenny Bruce. It is an enjoyable experience to see a performer capture the aura, mannerisms, and delivery style of the person he is trying to emulate. Barry Pearl delivers one caustic, funny line after another; and also gets very poignant at times. I liked Lenny Bruce very much and it seemed like I was sitting at a performance of Lenny Bruce doing his style of comedy. The afterparty was at the Eclectic Cafe. The brouschetta was the most delicious I have ever tasted. It had a melding of flavors that was noticeably exceptional.
SILVERLAKE FILM FESTIVAL. This festival is one of the most easygoing and pleasant festivals around. They had a wonderful opening night and their closing night party was at the beautiful Paramour Estate in the Silverlake Hills. We commend the organizers of this festival for creating a most enjoyable experience for the Silverlake residents and uniting the community thru their efforts. You can reach the Silverlake Film Festival at (323) 993-7225. http://www.silverlakefilmfestival.com
Opening party of MASTRO'S STEAKHOUSE, 246 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills on August 29, 2001. They had an enormous seafood buffet of crab, lobster, calamari, and I must say that I tasted the most flavorful, best texture, gigantic shrimp I ever had in my life. The firm texture of this shrimp was something I had never experienced. I wonder where they get these huge shrimp. This was the location of the former Bistro and the former Chasen's of Beverly Hills. They have gutted the place and have completely remodeled in a spectacular way. It is a most modern and sophisticated, yet comfortable interior design. They are really off to a good start with a good first impression that they created at the opening party. Check out this new, first-class restaurant in Beverly Hills.
FIRE FLIES SKIN ART by Tina-Marie Stoker presented a very unique and one-of-a-kind fashion show at the always-exciting SUNSET ROOM. The models are adorned with nothing but adhesive gems. It was amazing to see the variety of styles that were possible. Tracy Bingham a highlight of the show. Another wonderful Lenetta Kidd production.
Piaggio U.S.A. hosted a special "coming-out" party for its VESPA motor scooters and fashion accessories. The VESPA motors scooters are oh so cute. I always wish that I had one. This VESPA party deserved an award for the most creative use of a street. I felt like I was in someone's living room. The entire Cosmos Street in Hollywood was transformed. Many celebrities were in attendance. A wonderful party. Did not want to leave.
Kickoff party for PRIME TIME GLICK starring Martin Short on the Comedy Central channel at the Century Club. Martin Short's fatter-than-life character Jiminy Glick was hilarious interviewing Steve Martin, Bill Maher, and Dennis Miller. I love Martin Short. His easygoing nature in any of his characters is great, and I especially love Jiminy Glick because I can say that I am thinner than Jiminy. The food at the Century Club is absolutely sensational. They had an ultra-gourmet buffet of entrees and salads and I tip my hat to Mark Fleischman for his marvelous cuisine. The Century Club always has the highest quality food. I had the pleasure of chatting with Dave Thomas, who portrayed Bob Hope in the Dean Martin Comedy Roast.
EDENHURST GALLERY opening of some fabulous rarely seen James Dean and Marilyn Monroe photos. Seeing Marilyn Monroe in her unguarded moments is indeed a unique pleasure. The opening had a swing band with jitterbug dancers. which put everyone in a good mood. The Edenhurst has very high quality, very expensive art.
ALDO COLOMBINI magic lecture at MIND OVER MAGIC, 2214 Burbank Bl. in Burbank. Not only is Aldo a friend, but he is one of the best, top-of-the-line lecturers in magic. His easygoing nature and his inventiveness, especially with self-working magic, is, in my opinion, unparalleled. What I find truly amazing in the category of being mind-blowing are many of the effects he has created, because they are self-working without any "magician-type" moves, and they blow people away. I must commend the creative thinking of ALDO COLOMBINI as being one of the most inventive and pleasant to experience in magic. He has gained a well deserved reputation around the globe as a top lecturer in his field. He was voted "Lecturer of the Year" 2000 at the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle after having been nominated in that category every year from 1994 to 1999! Aldo has a unique way of combining humor along with his simple and direct approach to magic resulting in a very special experience. I especially recommend the creativity and ingeniousness of his two effects of "Pick Me, Pick Me Not," and "Draw A Blank." Take a trip to MIND OVER MAGIC and ask them to show you some of Aldo's self-working effects. You will want to purchase them and entertain and impress your friends. If you are interested in magic, Mind Over Magic has the widest selection of great effects for you to choose from. They sporadically have lectures and special events. Call them at (818) 562-1921 or hit their website at http://www.jeffsmindovermagic.com. We highly recommend their website, lectures, special events, and for you to make a selection from their inventory. As I have said, I like self-working effects that blow the audience away. The website of Aldo is http://www.mammamiamagic.com. You will be very impressed with both of these websites. If you wish to automatically link to either one of these websites, move your mouse so the arrow is on the line underneath the website name and click. You will be connected to that site.
JUNIOR MAGICIAN'S week. It is a unique delight to see the JUNIOR MAGICIANS display their multitude of talents. What is especially entertaining is watching fifteen to twenty year old very talented JUNIOR MAGICIANS actually fool the wiser, older people. What a unique delight. Not only are they doing something extraordinary that an able-bodied adult couldn't do, the adults are actually being fooled. Being a close-up magician myself, I found it very enjoyable. A tip of my magical top hat to these future stars of magic: David Stryker, Josh Sadowsky, Matthew Grunwald, Taylor Hughes & Katie, Joseph Tran, Jason Latimer, Justin Rivera, Derek Scott, Jessica Phillips, Joel Ward.
JAMES DIMMARE performing his dove and manipulation act. There are stage magicians who perform quality acts. Then there is DIMMARE. He is exceptional. If you ever see the name James Dimmare on a marquee or theatre bill, you must see him. The one fact in particular that I must say about him, is that his ending of the act is an exalting moment of triumph. The way he raises his arms and the spotlight shines down on him is very creative and uplifting.
LARRY CLARK did a tribute to the late Al Goshman, who was one of the absolute favorite close-up magicians of all time. It was charming and entertaining to reminisce about one of our favorites in the style that "Gosh" was known for. LARRY CLARK did the style of Al Goshman's act in such a pleasant way. All of us magicians have a soft spot in our heart for Al Goshman, and it was nice to see Larry do a tribute.
I had never known who JOHN CALVERT was, but now I will never forget him. This dapper, incredibly youthful, ninety year old master stage magician blew me away with his fifty minute act. Never before, and perhaps never again, will I see one magician carry an entire show for fifty minutes. It went by so quickly that it seemed like the show lasted fifteen minutes, and at the end you felt as if you wanted to see more, and more. Little to my knowledge, John Calvert has been around since 1957 in the second "It's Magic" show at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. I will always marvel at the ninety year old youthful, movie matinee idol persona of the suave and irreplaceable John Calvert.
FALKENSTEIN AND WILLARD presented "Fireflies Wizards of Magic 2" playing at the Actor's Forum Theatre, 10655 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and Sundays at 3 p.m. through August 26, 2001. This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening performed by Glenn Falkenstein and Frances Willard, who have both been in the magic business their entire lives. They have played all over the world, in all kinds of settings, from royalty and presidents, to cruise ships and national television. Anything that can instill in an audience a sense of wonder and awe is tops in my book, and this show does this so well. Plenty of audience involvement and I was especially touched by Frances Willard telling of her family background and history, and her stories I found intriguing. The evening is filled with so many creative ways to do magic, and the world-renowned Spirit Cabinet is truly inspiring. Mixing theatre and magic together is wonderful.
TRIBUTE TO STEVE ALLEN at the beautiful Alex Theater in Glendale. Art Linkletter was the very affable MC. Sid Caesar touchingly complimented Steve Allen on being a guy who could converse with anyone about anything. The very laid-back Pete Barbutti did a great fifteen minutes of comedy. My favorite line was while adjusting his piano bench position, he said "I have perfect stool." The surprise unannounced guest was Mickey Rooney. The Mick was proud he had been married to Jan, his current wife for thirty years. She said "that's eleven years more than those other marriages combined." Rich Little did nine presidents in a row, with nine witty routines. Norm Crosby and his malaprops are a unique comedy treat. Closing the show, I could listen to the spontaneity of Jonathan Winters' comedy for hours. I want to especially commend the excellent direction of Mr. Dale Hindman. Dale just happens to be President of the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle). Dale knows that I thank him so very much for returning the membership of something very precious to me. Dale knows what it is. Thank you Dale, and the rest of the Board of Directors. For this wonderful show, the assistant to Dale Hindman was Mark Nelson, who is the voice you hear when you call the Magic Castle. The producers of this once-in-a-lifetime show were Milt Larsen and Terry Hill. Both of these fine gentlemen and excellent producers really have the knack of how to produce a show with the best ebb and flow. They have a wonderful feel for what the audience wants and likes. Larsen and Hill produce the annual IT'S MAGIC! shows at the Alex Theater (this year November 1-4, 2001), now in the 45th year of production. Terry Hill also produces dozens of big band and variety stage shows throughout the year, many at the Alex Theater. Milt Larsen is well-known as the founder of Hollywood's famous club for magicians "The Magic Castle." Larsen and Hill produced the very successful 75th Anniversary show of last year in September of 2000, which was hosted by Mr. Steve Allen, probably his final stage performance prior to his untimely passing. Dale Hindman directed the Alex Theater 75th Anniversary show last year as well as IT'S MAGIC! shows at the Alex and other venues in Southern California, Arizona, and Hawaii. Between shows, he sometimes finds time for his real job as a Senior Vice-President of Bank of America.
ORCHESTRA formerly E.L.O at the GREEN ON THE HILL outdoor amphitheatre at the corner of 28th and Walnut in the city of Signal Hill. It was great hearing all of the marvelous hits from the past of E.L.O. "Evil Woman," "It's a Livin' Thing," "Zanadu," "Rainin' All Over the World," "Strange Magic," "Do Ya, Do Ya Want My Love," "Turn To Stone," and "Don't Bring Me Down." The GREEN ON THE HILL is a jewel right smack dab in the center of Signal Hill. A perfectly sloped amphitheatre with every seat being a good seat. They have some marvelous shows coming up. Call (562) 495-5959.
JOHN PHILLIPS tribute at the fabulous ROXY. John Phillips was with the MAMAS AND THE PAPAS. Members of his family and former band members gathered including Michelle Phillips to perform songs. I even spotted Warren Beatty in the audience. The songs still are strong and hearing them again demonstrated just how good they were. Who didn't think of moving to California after hearing their famous song? The ROXY is a wonderful place to see a show. The sound and lighting was superb.
Opening of BANDAGE, THE ROCK OPERA at THE ROXY, featuring the LA rock band Pi Gamma. THE ROXY as always captured the feeling of a live show with its lights, sound, and atmosphere.
MAYOR HAHN PRESENTED MAGIC JOHNSON WITH GETTY HOUSE FOUNDATION CITY OF ANGELS AWARD on February 5th, 2004, given in recognition of contributions to the youth of Los Angeles from the local business community, at Getty House Foundation's 9th Annual City of Angels awards ceremony. Mayor Hahn presented the City of Angels award to Arden Realty, Inc. Chairman and CEO Richard Ziman and his wife, Children Uniting Nations founder Daphna Ziman. This award honors individuals who have devoted themselves to the betterment of the City of Los Angeles and its citizens. Getty House Foundation oversees Getty House, the official residence of the Mayor of Los Angeles. It administers many educational programs, including many opportunities for children. I had the pleasure of sitting with Patty Hill of the Larchmont Chronicle. When the former Mayor's wife, Nancy Riordan, was at the podium; her shawl slipped from her shoulders, and she quipped: 'Oops, I don't want to do another Janet Jackson." This event was a very inspirational uplifting evening; and we look forward to reporting on it every year. I wish that I didn't have to say that, as I predicted, there were the 20-30 habitual phony press party crashers who do no write-ups, don't belong at any event, and the organizers aren't aware of who they are. Knowing they are crashing, I had to endure seeing their smirking faces; and hear them talk about what parties they are crashing tomorrow. For any event planners benefit, I am happy to point them out. It is a shame they get away with it every night.
I must say that AMERICAN VOICEMAIL is the most flexible and stable and best voicemail company. They have flexibility of doing anything with a voicemail (probably in the future being able to turn on your microwave from the phone) that a voicemail can possibly do. As you know, my last voicemail company went out of business. AMERICAN VOICEMAIL has offices in all major cities coast to coast, so I have a feeling they are not going to go out of business. I know that I can comfortably say with confidence if you need a voicemail, AMERICAN VOICEMAIL is the one to choose. Call (310) 478-4949 and ask for Bob extension 852 and say Ray Engel to get a discount.
THE CANYON CLUB is, once again, to be commended for their excellent programming that is not really well known in the Hollywood area because they are way out in the city of Agoura Hills. They had a series of tribute shows that was known in the community of the West San Fernando Valley, but I don't think anybody knew about the fabulous series of tribute shows, or their other headlining acts that are coming up. We want to publicize this very, very special venue because they are having major acts, and they are indeed a major venue. Their professional lighting and sound system and spacious interior are indeed a pleasure to view any show. Let us know if you would like to know what is coming up at the CANYON CLUB. We were fortunate enough to be able to make arrangements with the band to write-up the David Bowie tribute SPACE ODDITY. They have David Bowie nailed to a tee. They did all the Bowie hits, and I especially enjoyed "Jazzin' for Blue Jean," and "Suffrogate City," which was so exciting. I am a die-hard Bowie fan and this band did such a good job I felt like I had actually seen David Bowie perform. I was totally enthralled from the very first note. The CANYON CLUB would not allow us to review this wonderful tribute, so I hope when the CANYON CLUB management reads this, they will allow us to publicize in advance their superstar shows that are virtually unknown outside of their local area, and allow us to do write-ups. You can visit the webiste of the David Bowie tribute at http://www.davidbowietribute.com or http://www.spaceodditylive.com.
THE TUBES at the beautiful CANYON CLUB in Agoura Hills, 28912 Roadside Drive, (818) 879-5046. The Tubes played all of their hits. It was so great seeing them. I hadn't seen them since the seventies. Their 3 biggest hits, of course, which are so sensational to listen to "One In A Million," "White Punks On Dope," which featured Fee Weybill in his metallic silver punk rock outfit acting like a spaced out space cadet, and they closed the show with their tight rock and roll hit "I'll Talk To You Later." I am giving tickets away to the Canyon Club shows of "Men At Work" on November 9, the Neil Diamond Tribute show "Fantastic Diamond" on November 23rd, and the look alike sound alike tribute show to Led Zeppelin "Led Zepagain." Call me to get free tickets.
DAVE MASON and AMBROSIA at the beautiful CANYON CLUB in Agoura Hills. This club has such a good sound system. The sound and clarity is just like music was meant to be heard. Dave Mason was in perfect form and delivered a high energy set that brought the crowd to a feverish pitch of excitement. His songs were so well-executed that I found myself hearing them over and over again in my mind for days after the show, particularly the opening number "World In Changes." It was particularly interesting to see how happy Dave Mason was that the crowd was enjoying the show. Ambrosia also delivered a very melodic opening set that featured some wonderful instrumentals and catchy songs. A great way to spend the evening.
Raymond Michael, sensational Elvis lookalike/soundalike tribute show at the beautiful CANYON CLUB in Agoura Hills. Raymond Michael possibly is the very best Elvis impersonator around. He has a deep, rich voice just like Elvis had. Of course, he has the mannerisms of Elvis down pat. What a pleasure to hear every one of Elvis's songs, sung as if you actually heard the voice of Elvis coming from the stage. Included in the show was the traditional wrapping of scarves around the female audience members. My favorite Elvis song will always be "And I Just Can't Help Falling In Love With You," which ended the show. They have Mick Fleetwood and Friends September 28, Gordon Lightfoot October 12, Average White Band October 13, Dave Mason and Ambrosia October 26, The Tubes featuring Fee Waybill November 2, and Colin Hay, the voice of Men At Work, November 9, and Air Supply February 15, 2002, and the legendary Glen Campbell February 23, 2002. The Canyon Club is located at 28912 Roadside Drive in Agoura Hills, in the Wizins Shopping Center. (818) 879-5016. http://www.canyonclub.net The Canyon is an excellent venue, very comfy place. It has high ceilings, excellent lighting and sound, and every seat is a good seat.
NEIL DIAMOND soundalike tribute show at the beautiful CANYON CLUB in Agoura Hills, where the air is clean. FANTASTIC DIAMOND is the name of this performer, and let me tell you, he has the sound of Neil Diamond nailed to a tee. What a distinct pleasure to sit back and enjoy a Neil Diamond soundalike concert with every Neil Diamond hit followed by another hit and another hit. I'm sure the CANYON CLUB will have FANTASTIC DIAMOND back again. Also, the sound and lighting and the stage visibility at the CANYON CLUB is always excellent. They have The Tubes on November 2, they have the Doobie Brothers Sept. 21, an incredible tribute to Elvis on September 22 (which I am giving tickets away for), Gordon Lightfoot October 12, Mick Fleetwood and friends September 28, Average White Band October 13, Dave Mason and Ambrosia October 26, and Glen Campbel February 23, 2002. 28912 Roadside Drive in beautiful Agoura Hills in the Wizins Shopping Center. (818)879-5016. http://www.canyonclub.net
JEFFERSON STARSHIP at the CANYON CLUB, the beautiful new huge venue in Agoura Hills in the shopping center. Jefferson Starship did all their hits. This was my first visit to the Canyon Club and it won't be my last. I must say that it is an excellent venue for a show. High ceilings, incredible sound, incredible lighting, and the decor is a very comfy western feeling. They are having their tribute to Neil Diamond on August 31, and their tribute show, a recreation of Elvis in Las Vegas, with an eight piece band on September 22. We highly recommend the Canyon Club. They have Toto on August 17th and The Tubes on November 2nd.
The opening reception at the FORUM GALLERY in West Hollywood. This gallery always has the most chic West Hollywood crowd. It is always a delight. The artwork is interesting to peruse and examine close up. The FORUM GALLERY is always a very pleasant place to talk about art. In the art world, FORUM GALLERY holds a unique position as the leading contemporary representational art gallery.
1776 in the FREUD PLAYHOUSE at UCLA playing until September 16, 2001, presented by REPRISE!, Marcia Seligson, producing artistic director. It is a rare occurrence when you can both learn something about the founding of our country and the Declaration of Independence, and be entertained with great musical numbers at the same time. Roger Rees and Orson Bean are such pleasant actors in any show they do. I've seen them before and they are both so enjoyable. The standout musical number in the show was "Molasses To Rum," sung by Kevin Earley. He had the strongest voice of the cast and what a magnificent number. They have an evening with the wonderful songstress Maureen McGovern on November 12th. They have "The Most Happy Fella" beginning November 6, 2001, and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" beginning March 5, 2002. http://www.reprise.org
KISS ME, KATE at the SHUBERT THEATRE. I must say that Rex Smith is a very formidable lead actor to carry any musical. I wonder what he will be doing next. He always delivers a remarkable stage presence. The three best numbers were "Another Opening, Another Show," the second act opening is one of the best second act openings of any show with "Too Darn Hot," and the third best number was "From This Moment On." The lead actress Rachel York was superb in her number of "Always True To You In My Fashion." The two guys listed as first man and second man were excellent with "Brush Up Your Shakespeare." I also liked the performance of the tall military general. The entire cast is very professional and the costumes are first rate. I left the theater with a wonderful feeling. KISS ME, KATE closes October 13th, 2001.
What a delight to see SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, the musical, at the beautiful SHUBERT THEATRE, playing thru June 24, 2001. It was great hearing every single song from the movie especially with a live orchestra that brought back such fond memories of the seventies. The lead was a John Travolta look-a-like and dance-a-like. My favorite part was the dance contest and let me tell you, it really was dangerous to see the way the guys were twirling around the girls. My heart stopped and you could hear the audience gasping when the guys let the girls fly thru their arms while rotating very fast. If one of the male dancers would accidentally let go of the girl, it would be curtains. In my opinion, the two most touching songs of the show were "What Kind of Fool" sung with such passion, and the ending song gave me goosebumps "How Deep Is Your Love." Be sure to stay to the very last second, because after the curtain call, there is another couple of sensational dance numbers to leave you exiting the theater in a great mood.
Leave it to artistic director/producer Gordon Davidson to come up with something completely different in his selection of THE CAR MAN, playing at the Ahmanson Theatre thru October 28, 2001. Absolutely no talking or singing right from the beginning, just stylized dancing and inventive choreography in a gas station and nightclub, set to the wonderful, dramatic music of Bizet's "Carmen." In essence, it is the most sensational ballet I have ever seen. Kudos to Mr. Davidson for selecting another most original piece of theater. I feel exalted when I say that it is a higher level of the theater experience to absorb a wildly original piece, every minute not knowing what to expect. The gritty street costumes were fabulous. I feel I can more highly recommend a piece of theater that is so completely spontaneous, so totally refreshing. The fighting sequences at the end were especially dramatic and so very well done, and it had a very touching ending. I have never felt so excited about wanting to state my opinions about a show. If you desire something completely original, spontaneously creative, and so refreshingly pleasant, this show really fits the bill. Forget about every other show in town, this is the show to see. Beginning November 7th, 2001, they have Tim Rice's and Elton John's AIDA.
THE FLIGHT OF THE LAWNCHAIR MAN AND OTHER DREAMERS was truly sensational, part of 3HREE, at the AHMANSON Theatre. If you have ever had high and lofty goals and dreams, if you ever were enthusiastic about something when others may have thought you were a bit crazy to think such things, if ever you felt a tingle of excitement at the prospect of doing something you really wanted and needed to do, then this play is for you. It is truly inspirational. I left the theatre with such joy in my heart and such a good feeling about being alive. It brings you back to all of the emotions and feelings most of us have long since forgotten and yet are so very, very real.
CONTACT at the beautiful Ahmanson Theater. What a totally unique, wistful, whimsical show. I didn't know what to expect, and boy, was I entertained and surprised with the spontaneity and complete uniqueness of this production. It is a delight to experience something in the theater that you have never seen anything like before. We highly recommend CONTACT running thru September 1, 2001. I particularly enjoyed hearing the choreographed full-length songs "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer, "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin, "Do You Want To Dance" by the Beach Boys, "Run Around Sue" by Dion, "Moondance" by Van Morrison, "Topsy", and "Sing, Sing, Sing". Do yourself a favor and catch this show because this will be your only chance.
ROMEO AND JULIET at the Ahmanson. Peter Hall really knows how to put up a Shakespeare production. Great acting and a great cast. A touching story that I could relive a thousand times and still be moved every time. The eternal story of unfulfilled love due to circumstances.
ROCKTAILS.COM mixer. The rocktails.com mixers are very well-focused on everyone talking about music and the music industry. This mixer is exclusively for people who want to make contact and rub elbows with fellow music industry people. It's nice that there is a mixer that is devoted to making new music industry contacts. We recommend their future mixers. Visit their website at rocktails.com.
BREAK THE CYCLE is a wonderful new organization dedicated to ending domestic violence. They had a wonderful program at the beautiful Skirball Museum emceed by Peggy Lipton. The very touching performances of different actors doing readings regarding the effect of domestic violence was most touching and poignant. BREAK THE CYCLE is indeed a much needed, well-focused new organization.
IONE SKYE with her brother Donovan Leitch. They are the son and daughter of the incomparable singer and one of my all-time favorites that being "Donovan". It was a very hip crowd and a wonderful ambience in the outdoor patio of the Les Deux Cafe. The art was wonderful to look at and the gourmet hors d'oeuvres were a delight. A very chic crowd.
MALAYSIAN dance presentation and reception at the Hollywood Palladium. The dances were so elegant and colorful. Oh, those Malaysian girls are so sexy in a classy dignified way that is so special. The Kedah State Cultural Troupe has performed all over the world. They have a full time manager, a choreographer, twelve musicians, and thirty dancers. Over sixteen dances were featured. Examples are Rantak/Piring, Indian Dance, Joget Payung, Sabah Kinabalu, and Kipas (Fan). A very enjoyable evening.
COPS AND ROBBERS PASTA COMPANY party. A delightful new restaurant, 10057 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake. The highest quality pasta dishes. Their opening party was a huge buffet. Interesting people. Characters dressed in the cops and robbers motif of the roaring 20's and 30's. Public Relations superbly handled by Dick McInnes of PR Plus.
THEATER LEAGUE presentation of the Broadway musical JEKYLL & HYDE. The production values were exceptional and this production was Broadway quality. It was much more than I expected. The actor who played Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was astonishing. I have seen hundreds of performances, but have never seen a more effective curtain call. The lead actor came out with a stern expression followed by the widest smile full of grandeur. The level of applause rose to a feverish pitch when he broke into the smile. The musical received a standing ovation which was well deserved.
ACADEMY OF SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY & HORROR FILMS SATURN AWARDS. This year's award show paid tribute to Dr. Donald A. Reed, the founder and late president of the Academy for the last 29 years, who passed away last month. Reed's name shall live forever as the prestigious President's Award was to be renamed the Dr. Donald A. Reed President's Award. Dr. Reed is to be commended for the many years he spent in promoting the Academy since founding it in 1972.
FLICKAPALOOZA Film Festival closing night party. The featured drink of the evening was a product that I have seen advertised day and night on tv so many times and have seen their ad in so many newspapers and magazines, I constantly wondered what it tasted like, that being SMIRNOFF ICE. Let me tell you I was blown away and with the absolutely delicious flavor of SMIRNOFF ICE. I really didn't know what to expect, but the hook of the party was tasting SMIRNOFF ICE. To my surprise, the taste of the SMIRNOFF ICE was absolutely sensationally delicious. It is a lemon-lime malt based beverage that is absolutely refreshing that I can still taste the flavor of it in my mouth right now. After I left the party, I actually missed the flavor sensation of this drink. I had never experienced this sensation before. I was actually desiring and yearning for another sip of this drink. It really awakens the taste buds. I wonder how many trial taste formulas Smirnoff went through before they decided on this one. The have really decided on the proper formula because it couldn't be better. It reminded me of the now defunct beverage Fresca from the 1960's and 1970's. If you can remember what Fresca tasted like, that is what SMIRNOFF ICE tastes like with a kick of alcohol. I can imagine relaxing on my balcony on a summer day with an ice-cold SMIRNOFF ICE and how enjoyable that would be. Also the Club Sugar is designed in such a modernistic way it is really an eye-popper.
CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills. So many beautiful collector cars and the opportunity to chat with their owners, classy people, a very festive atmosphere. Don't miss this yearly event.
I want to commend the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER for their wonderful KEY ART AWARDS. The key art of a motion picture campaign is the art that is in the advertising. It is wonderful of the Hollywood Reporter to acknowledge excellence in this art form. You can get a graduate degree of appreciation of the many exhilarating examples of key art by attending their most entertaining evening. I must say that the Hollywood Reporter is to be praised for creating these awards. We highly recommend for an interesting experience that you purchase a ticket for the next Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards.
SENSORY CIRCUS all night party taking over the complete BEL AGE HOTEL. Entertainment on the roof and in the sculpture garden, a huge patio, and in the two ballrooms. Five fashion shows - Denim Look, L.A. Hotties, Malibu Casual, Bathing Suits, and Lingerie. Roving painted models, Interactive Film, Art Show, Live Music, DJ's. Over a thousand people. Public relations excellently handled by Green Galactic.
MARCELLO SOLTAN, Couture Clothing, had a party at the spectacular Mulholland Drive mansion of attorney EHSAN AFAGHI. Ehsan's house is one of the best party houses I've ever been in. A marble, multi-level disco floor and lights all around the pool, and spectacular architecture. His buffet is always gourmet, this time with four healthy salads. Thank you Ehsan for having healthy food and not any of that greasy fried stuff. No wonder you are so healthy looking. Ehsan and Marcello are two very amicable party hosts. I want to invite some cute girls to their next party.
CHRIS BREED and BRAD JOHNSON hosted the Johnny Wonder and Mirela Lomota fashion show at their SUNSET ROOM. It was another great, exciting, superbly choreographed fashion show, produced by Lenetta Kidd and Heather Capps of Lenetta Kidd productions. I must also commend Eric at the door, who is the best doorman in L.A. He is polite and diplomatic the way a doorman should be. Thank you Eric, and the other excellent doormen at the Sunset Room. The Sunset Room just has a class and excitement unto itself. In the VIP area were Sean "Puffdaddy" Combs, and Pamela Lee with Tommy Lee. That Tommy Lee is a chick magnet even when Pamela is around. I guess she doesn't mind, and is used to it.
CHRISTIE'S is a very classy place that specializes in one-of-a-kind expensive items for sale. Their presentation of their art work and artifacts is a pleasure to stroll through. If you are in the market to purchase a unique display item, this is the most prestigious place. Their receptions are very special.
MOLEAPALOOZA 2001 Entertainment Lighting Festival. A Mole-Richardson Event. It was very pleasant to listen to the band IMAGINE as they performed Beatles songs and changed costumes to reflect the different eras the band went through. The event itself is a showcase for everything you would need in this industry with numerous conferences and exhibits.
Old Pasadena SUMMER FEST featuring PLAYBOY JAZZ is one of the most enjoyable all-around experiences yearly. On Memorial Day weekend, this festival has everything you could want. Fabulous cool jazz entertainment that puts you in such a great mood. All kinds of exhibit booths, carnival rides, and people happy to be relaxing. Nina Gordon does the excellent public relations. It is a very soothing and mellow way to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.
The opening night performance of the summer season at the beautiful FORD AMPHITHEATER, located in the Hollywood Hills Cahuenga Pass, was a free tribute to Kurt Weill. A most refined and sophisticated musical show. The music of Kurt Weill is cabaret torch song type music. The big band and singer was very professional and very enjoyable. The ambience of the Ford Amphitheater is like a mini Hollywood Bowl. Every seat is a good seat. Their summer run of shows are all excellent. Highly recommended for a wonderful evening under the stars.
One year anniversary party of THE PIG restaurant at 612 N. La Brea. It was a jumpin' party with a Cajun and Blues band and the best barbecue in town (Memphis style), which means dry barbecue, and you pick your own sauces. Their barbecue chicken was melt in your mouth. The chicken breast was juicy. The ribs were meaty and crispy, which is the way I like them. The sliced barbecue beef was loaded with secret spices and so very tender. Wow, is it great to chow down on quality barbecue while partying with people in the street. We hope to report on their second anniversary party.
Lecture from the very renowned artist and worldwide respected artist DAVID HOCKNEY at the L. A. County Museum of Art followed by a lovely reception. Not only was listening to David Hockney educational and so very informative, but he was sometimes funnier than the best stand-up comedians I've seen at the Comedy Store.
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART opening of "Public Offerings". Over two thousand people in and out for the evening with around twenty displays of very unusual, eccentric, kind of whacky art pieces. Live music was performed in the parking lot and the highlight was the serving of my absolute favorite dish of all time, Pad Thai. If I'm ever on death row and I ask for my last meal, make sure it's Pad Thai.
I was so enthralled with the creativity exhibited at the MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION (MVPA) Awards. To see the very best of the best clips from so many music videos was like a graduate course in creativity and creative appreciation. I was so impressed with the delineation of so many appreciated categories. Here they are: Pop Video Of The Year, Best Art Direction, Adult Contemporary Video Of The Year, Best Styling, Soundtrack Video Of The Year, Best Colorist/Telecine, Best Direction Of A Female Artist, Best Hair, Hip Hop Video Of The Year, Best Special Effects, Electronic Music Video Of The Year, Best Video Made For Under $25,000, Best Choreography, Rap Video Of The Year, Alternative Video Of The Year, Directorial Debut Of The Year, Best Director Of A Male Artist, Rock Video Of The Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, Best Make-Up, R&B Video Of The Year, Best Direction Of A New Artist, Best Cinematography, Country Video Of The Year, Best Editing, International Video Of The Year, MVPA Hall Of Fame Video Award, Director Of The Year, Video Of The Year. I chatted with the handsome black fellow from the Hall Of Fame Award - Madonna's "Like A Prayer." What a pleasure to see the entire video on the big screen. I asked him how does it feel to be recognized by almost the entire world. He said it had improved his love life. I also enjoyed seeing the out-takes from a Sade speech. We recommend purchasing a ticket to next year's event for an evening of creative excellence.
CTN: COLD TOFU NETWORK is a very sharp, witty, creative, and funny sketch and improv comedy show. Cold Tofu is dedicated to promoting diverse images of Asian Pacific Americans through comedy and to developing multiethnic talent through education and performance.
Executive Dining Room Party at SONY STUDIOS. Great ambience and great people and great food. Plus live musical entertainment.
DR. DAN is famous for his house parties. I have had the pleasure of being friends with Dr. Dan for many years and he is one of nicest party hosts in Los Angeles. People are so very friendly at his parties. He has an expansive house and a great patio.
Screening at the DIRECTOR'S GUILD of University of Texas student films. Very high quality filmmaking, a wide array of subject matter and a very nice catered reception afterwards.
HOLLYWOOD TOURISM BUSINESS EXPO. at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum in the CHEERS bar and STAR TREK spaceship. Many tables with free tastings and free samples and free coupons for all kinds of things. Literature of many tourist attractions in Hollywood. It was like getting a college education of attractions in and around Hollywood. Very, very fascinating to stroll the tables.
THE DEAN MARTIN ROAST OF BOB HOPE. Utterly hilarious. A recreation of 70's Dean Martin Roasts, with all the classic characters returning to pay homage to Bob Hope in his 99th year. Dave Thomas as Bob Hope with comedy potrayals of Dean Martin, Don Rickles, Red Buttons, Paul Lynde, Rich Little, Phyllis Diller and more. I haven't laughed this hard in years. I left with such a wonderful feeling. If you ever have an opportunity to see this, do not miss it.
60th birthday party of ERIC BURDON of The Animals. Many of the original Animals were present. What a great Rock 'N Roll Show at the El Rey Theater. Eric Burdon singing "We Got To Get Out Of This Place" and "House Of The Rising Sun" was an experience of two songs that everyone can relate to.
YOUNG, HOT LA FASHION SHOW at Chris Breed's SUNSET ROOM. There are always beautiful young models. It is the best place in town with the best ambience. It is important to be on good terms with the door people. Thank you door people of the SUNSET ROOM for allowing us to do a write-up.
TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW at the grand re-opening party at the newly remodeled THE FACTORY at 652 N. LaPeer in West Hollywood. The first night was a celebration for the new mayor and city council of West Hollywood. I couldn't believe it when there were six different restaurants each offering tastes from their delectable cuisine varieties. I thought for sure there would be a cash bar but the bar was hosted with complimentary cocktails of your choice. The second night, the very next night, lo and behold, I couldn't believe it, but yet another party to showcase the remodeling which was very sleek and modern and very comfy. The second night I thought there might be no food or some simple cheese and crackers but I couldn't believe it again. There were six different buffet stations and waiters handing out the most delicious hors d'oeuvres. I thought once again that it would be a cash bar, but upon ordering by favorite drink coconut rum and coke, I learned it was a hosted complimentary bar all night long. Hey, maybe The Factory from now on will have complimentary food and drinks every day of the year. But, alas, it is not the case. It was just these two nights we were lucky enough to be at The Factory for their two fabulous parties.
Movie star and legendary pin up girl JANE RUSSELL and hot Los Angeles designer CHRISTINA KIM of the Dosa label were honored during the 37th annual Woodbury University fashion show "All Pinned Up." Hearing Jane Russell speak and watching the clips of her films was a highlight of the evening. Helen Gurley Brown delivered an introduction. The entire atmosphere of the event made me feel like I was in a Stanley Kubrick movie. The lighting and design of the entire hall was uplifting. Next door through the glass partition on the second floor you could see ballet students rehearsing, which added to the over-all enjoyment of the evening.
Screening of the new Merchant Ivory film THE GOLDEN BOWL with discussion afterwards. Laura Kim of mPRm public relations. Laura Kim is very knowledgeable and one of the top account executives at the top PR firm that specializes in and is devoted to the publicity of the Independent Film. We support independent filmmaking and we support the clients of mPRm. Laura Kim, we salute you on your excellent work.
JAY OHRBERG party on Sunset Plaza. Models and actresses mingled with managers and producers, the great and the near-great. The house has a view of the city that is fabulous. Ask me when the next one is.
CHRIS BREED owner of the SUNSET ROOM had a birthday bash at the hot new club night, "Thursdays at NuBar" at PIG'N WHISTLE. Chris Breed certainly knows how to throw a party. There were attractive females everywhere you turned. The party flowed out into the courtyard of the EGYPTIAN theater and the entire complex is great for a party. The back room of the Pig'n Whistle has four beds where you can have dinner and cocktails while you are sitting in bed.
SOMA magazine presented a celebrity-filled fashion show by red hot Los Angeles designer Elisabetta Rogiani at the wonderful and exciting CONGA ROOM. You don't feel like leaving when you are at an event like this.
THE COMIC starring Larry Miller at the HBO WARNER BROS. TELEVISION WORKSPACE. Larry Miller is truly a comedian's comedian. His timing and delivery is so brilliant. It is a rare occurrence when you can sit back and enjoy a comedic play where there is a hilarious line every 20 seconds. That is the case for this show. The play was so well written by Mark Schiff. A delight indeed. You know Larry Miller from being the clerk from the Beverly Hills store in "Pretty Woman". His comedic delivery is masterful and an inspiration to any comedic actor. This play was a textbook example of laughing every 20 seconds naturally from the gut. Larry Miller is such a wonderful actor. In the last scene I could see the doors closing in his mind and it impressed me what a skillful actor and comic he was. The only person who could effectively replace Larry is Jerry Seinfeld, who coincidentally sat a row away from me. Look for the play to be a big hit in the future. Remember THE COMIC starring Larry Miller.
ESPN ACTION SPORTS & MUSIC AWARDS. Performances by Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osborne. Black Sabbath generated so much excitement in 8 minutes that the crowd was in a frenzy. Black Sabbath was a textbook case of how to get a crowd excited. Other performers included Busta Rhymes, Ben Harper, Incubus, Crazy Town, and Mixmastermike. Good seats right up front. Presentation to The Deftones and Metallica who were sitting right within eyesight. A truly enjoyable evening watching all the action sports stars. Even got to view a rehearsal of the evening to see how productions are put together.
ALMA AWARDS taping. This is always a night to remember and a very satisfying evening. You can sit near such stars as Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Andy Garcia, Raquel Welch. Be exposed to the Latin contribution to the entertainment industry. Be entertained by some dynamic musical performances. And Paul Rodriguez is so funny whether he is on tape or live.
6TH LA WEEKLY THEATER AWARDS. What a celebration of the human spirit. The whole atmosphere was like a carnival. Forget about everyone sitting inside a hall just watching an awards show. This show spilled out into the lobby and downstairs. The people were fascinating and it is truly rare to find this type of experimental open atmosphere in today's world. People in costume, bodywork, readings, dance, free form expression, the awards show itself, performance art, plenty of food, artistic lighting, people open to conversation. A wonderful experience.
2001 BLOCKBUSTER AWARDS. Sat in the third row behind stars like the trio Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu from Charlie's Angels, Nicholas Cage, Dustin Hoffman, Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband David E. Kelley, Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, LL Cool J and Tom Green. Within eye sight were such stars as Glenn Close, Tyra Banks, Sheryl Crowe in the same row, NSYNC, Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, the Wayans. The list goes on and on. Ricky Martin walked right by us during his entrance. Other performances by Creed, Stevie Nicks with Sheryl Crowe and others. If you'd like to sit in the 3rd or 4th row of major award shows, let me know and we will talk about the procedure.
SHANNON ELIZABETH is to be commended for starting with her fiance Joseph D. Reitman ANIMAL AVENGERS, a new non-profit animal rescue organization. Shannon Elizabeth is the star of American Pie, Tomcats, and the upcoming American Pie 2. She was there with her fiance so guys, forget about getting lucky with Shannon. It is a very special occurrence to walk into a party where the chic and trendy people are. This was an example of that. We commend the excellent Public Relations of Lea Yardum at Perception PR. They always do a very smooth running job. The party had a silent auction of incredible items that money can't buy. They were items you could not find anywhere else except for that night.
Exciting party celebrating the launching of the production phase of the authorized feature film FATHER, FATHER, WHY? - THE MARVIN GAYE STORY. You could have met the film's writer, director and producer King Sekou Kuumba, and members of the cast and production team, as well as family members and friends of Marvin Gaye. Very tasty barbecued chicken was served as well as shrimp and a variety of salads. A fascinating crowd to be a part of.
Wonderful tribute to STANLEY KRAMER, who died on February 19th. Guest speakers included Edie Adams, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Charles Champlin, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jonathan Winters, Stan Freberg, Michael Jackson, and Sidney Poitier. Stanley Kramer was a prolific director and a man of integrity and father of my friend Kat Kramer.
Very exciting Sheryl Crowe, Carlos Santana, Sting, and Kid Rock in ALL ACCESS at Universal City Walk. This is truly a unique experience that is not to be missed. You will love every minute. The IMAX experience is just like being in the first row at a concert. Here you also get the back stage view which is always fascinating because you can see them as people.
ROCK FOR CHOICE at the HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM with the Bandies, Paula Cole, Melissa Etheridge, and more. The Palladium operations were very expertly handled by Robert Fire. He does an incredibly excellent job of making sure everything is run very smoothly and properly. I would particularly commend and acknowledge the excellent management of the Palladium by Mr. Robert Fire.
Performance of CAMERATA ROMEU. A violin ensemble of all women performers here in Los Angeles for the week from Cuba. They had the entire program memorized and never referred to sheet music and had a great sound. A very uplifting experience. A reception followed where you could talk to the performers.
FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING had their annual fashion show extravaganza. This is the most exciting, elegant, sophisticated, spectacular and highest quality fashion show of the year. Each student designer presents their collection, and wow, it is amazing. There is such a variety of fashions and the models they select are the sexiest models of any fashion show I've ever attended. We highly recommend purchasing a dinner ticket each year to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising's annual fashion show and dinner.
Memorial Service to honor the life of WILLIAM D. HANNA. Who hasn't been touched by one of William Hanna's creations? Wonderful gourmet food was served and a moving tribute rounded out the evening.
Very exciting first class party at the new GIORGIO ARMANI store in Beverly Hills 9533 Brighton Way. Very sleek store that is engrossing. The merchandise is displayed in the classic and classy ARMANI style. The crowd was from GEN ART, which is a trendy young chic group. Truly a Beverly Hills class event. Thank you to the special events and promotions manager Barry Frediani. Giorgio Armani clothes truly are the most classic styles in the world.
TV CARES RIBBON OF HOPE CELEBRATION 2001. Honorees included Hugh Hefner, "60 Minutes II", "The West Wing", and "Sex and the City". Guests included Hugh Hefner, Fabio, Pam Anderson, Judith Light, Kate Linder, Kim Catrell, Michael Jeter.
INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY ASSOCIATION program of Oscar nominated documentaries at the beautiful Motion Picture Academy in Beverly Hills. It is so nice to see a little bit of each film. They select the best four or five minutes. It is so fascinating and so entertaining. The filmmakers come up and make their remarks which is a privilege to hear. The reception was so delightful with a wide array of foods. We highly recommend the International Documentary Association program each year before the Oscars.
PIG 'N WHISTLE grand re-opening party. This was the place to be. Production by Lenetta Kidd and Heather Capps of Lenetta Kidd Productions. A live band, a fashion show, wonderful food. There was electricity in the air. There was no need to be anywhere else but at this party. The menu was so exciting and different and loaded with all kinds of special foods. Very interesting and eclectic and diversified. The decor of the restaurant is as inviting and comfortable as the menu is varied. The Lobster Wanton was a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that I never experienced before and just sent my taste buds flying thru the roof.
What a wonderful respite from the hurried workaday life to have dinner with civilized people in a turn of the century setting from yesteryear. The SUNSHINE MISSION CASA DE ROSAS, INC. had their 4th annual St. Patrick's Day celebration to benefit the Sunshine Mission for women in the elegantly restored Victorian home of Drs. Ann and Ed Door. Truly a beautiful house that hosts parties and events. The feeling of being in the house is just sensational. It is a house that has a history. There was a beautiful dinner of corned beef and cabbage and mashed potatoes. A piano player played with vocal accompaniment of two women singers who were professional quality. Ask me when the next event is.
L.A. SHANTI annual gourmet food and wine tasting this year at the Bonaventure hotel. L.A. SHANTI has the best gourmet food presentations in the city. Picture tables everywhere in a huge ballroom serving the finest food L.A.'s restaurants have to offer. If you are wine lover, you would be very happy. The food never runs out and the whole experience is extremely satisfying and it leaves such a wonderful feeling on the stomach as the gourmet food settles so well.
ROBERT REYNOLDS who is an artist had a party in a beautiful loft in downtown Los Angeles. A plentiful and complete spread of food and a very friendly crowd made it a party to remember. The loft had excellent interior design and artwork was present everywhere.
BRAZILIAN CARNAVAL 2001 at the Hollywood Palladium. The event was professionally produced by Patricia and Gilberto Leao. They do other Brazilian events and be sure to call to get on their mailing list. We recommend them highly for a lot of fun. (818) 566-1111
Asian acting showcase at the EAST WEST PLAYERS. A very delightful evening that was full of spontaneous acting scenes. One of my favorite pleasures is to compliment the performers after their performance. They do an excellent job.
L. A. PRESS CLUB had their open house that was a lot of fun. It was great to see old time press members who have been in the media forty years mixing with new young whippersnappers in their 20's. That what is so great. You have people of all ages mixing together in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's.
Presentation by SHELLEY BERMAN on comedy was fascinating to watch and yes, he is still on top of his comedy game. To hear him remember the old time comedians from Professor Irwin Cory to Red Skelton and the wonderful characters they used to create was a treat and truly a joy to behold.
DON DAVIS had a party on his beautiful 60 foot yacht in Marina Del Rey. It was enjoyable having a party on a yacht because everyone is so inherently friendly due to the unique space created only by being on a yacht. There is no where else to roam like being at a big party with lots of room so people tend to bond together naturally. Plus it is so soothing to look upon the calming waters of the Marina and the feeling of being on the water with the rocking is always fun. I haven't been to a party in a long time where people were this friendly and open to conversation.
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) opening of the architecture of R. M. Schindler. Wow, what an exhibition with tons of people. The architecture is a wonder to behold.
BRAZIL CARNAVAL at the beautiful Hollywood Park Casino Ballroom. Over 1,000 people frolicking and merrymaking in a special way that could only happen at a Brazil Carnaval. The Brazil music is so infectious and their unique Brazilian instruments create such a joyous and happy occasion. It is a one-of-a-kind experience and people were truly happy.
ROCK CITY NEWS MAGAZINE had their rock and roll bands web cast. It was fun being at the web cast party because everyone was excited about seeing all the different bands play. The musicians were excited too and were giving it their all making it very fun to watch.
ALEX LEHR is one of the most unique party hosts in Los Angeles. He had a party up at the castle at the top of Beachwood. It was a very romantic affair with lords and ladies in costume and the castle has a great ambience. There are two party houses and one has a moat. Alex also has his parties every two weeks at Gemini Manor-a very unique house that must be seen to be enjoyed. Alex Lehr parties are conversation parties which is a nice thing to experience. His house has a lot of nooks and crannies fit for having conversation and meeting new friends. Ask me when the next one is.
HOUSE OF BLUES Gospel Brunch featuring a preview of HBO Films production of "Boycott". In addition, musical performances by Aaron Neville, Donald Lawrence presents the Tri-City Singers, Darwin Hobbs, Brent Jones, the TP Mobb and others. In conjunction with Capitol Records. Aaron Neville has the voice of an angel and is very pleasant to listen to. The audience is so still and silent when he sings. The Tri- City singers was another delight. Grammy nominations happen for these two groups. Let me tell you that the House of Blues brunch is something else. It really feels good on the stomach. It is a plentiful array of all kinds of food from every food group which settles so well in the stomach and is very satisfying. With catfish, salad, omelets made to order with any ingredients you want, tangy potato salad, waffles with a delicious fruit topping. carved beef and carved turkey, chicken, wonderful desserts.
ANGELCITI.COM at Raleigh Studios. It was a very pleasant experience because it was so social. See films back to back and on a sound stage a live band plays and everyone is in the groove listening to the cool sounds and there were computers for you to use and hit the internet. It was enjoyable because everyone was talking about film.
VIRGIN RECORDS and N*E*R*D Party in celebration of the highly anticipated debut release of "In Search Of" with entertainment by C Minus of Channel Zero/Horn and guest hosts The Neptunes at the legendary 7969 Peanuts. The funk was in the house. This was the funkiest of the funk parties with Michele's XXX review. 10 sexy dancers gyrating on stage in all kinds of positions. There was a wonderful spread of food that was plentiful with ribs, chicken, rice, delicious sweet potatoes, vegetables etc.
GREEK PARTY at the expansive Backstreet Gallery in West L.A. There was a Greek band and the artwork was very nice. The Greek music is so enjoyable it is impossible to be sad when the Greek music is being played. A great ambience at the party. The humus was the best I have ever tasted and stuffed grape leaves etc. were very satisfying treats.
MARSEILLE PROVENCE Week in Los Angeles. The event at Mc Cormick and Schmick's Via Rodeo was professionally emceed by PAUL RYAN. He is so witty and entertaining and very pleasant to listen to. The attendees were very nice and very dignified people. In addition, outside the streets of Two Rodeo played host to a colorful "Esprit de Provence" marketplace. There were brightly-painted flower carts, rustic produce stands, potted lavender, cypress and olive trees, hand-painted fabrics, jars of olives, scented sachets, herbes de Provence, fragrant candles, arts, crafts, and cuisine. I felt so alive just walking through the street fair with so many stimulating sights to take in with all of the senses.
The American Scandinavian Foundation of Los Angeles SCANDINAVIAN FILM FESTIVAL. The Scandinavian people are so friendly. The event brings "the best" of Scandinavian film to audiences in "the film capital of the world". A hearty meal was served with Swedish meatballs, salmon, herring, mashed potatoes and salad. We highly recommend you attend the next one.
E! ONLINE'S HOT SIZZLIN' SIXTEEN 2001 PARTY, celebrating up-and-comers for the new year. Party host Jay Mohr was such a delightful MC and a joy to watch perform. The Key Club always has very tasty hors d'oeuvres and the atmosphere of the party was delightful and electric and I didn't want to leave.
AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. A dazzling Britney Spears performance with many dancers and effects to Janet Jackson to Marilyn Manson to Aerosmith made for a very good time. It is just a wonderful way to spend an evening. It was a fabulous show to be remembered. The entertainment is always superb and the production values are so high and fabulous. Britney Spears gave a dazzling performance with the most erotic and stimulating dancers I have ever seen. The choreographer is to be praised so highly. If the choreographer can somehow read this, please contact me. The event was produced by Dick Clark, who I respect very much and is also such a very nice person. And his wife Kari Clark is also such a very friendly and very nice person. Public relations superbly handled by Paul Shefrin.
GEN-ART film premiere and fashion show. The people that attend a GEN-ART event are always fascinating. The events are always very exciting and fulfilling. When you hear the words GEN-ART, you always know it will be a good crowd and the event will be a quality event.
4 different Beverly Hills MANSION PARTIES on the same Sunday afternoon to kick off the campaign of 4 Beverly Hills City Council candidates.
LA AUTO SHOW was just a magnificent experience. What a variety of cars to look at. The Retro Ford Thunderbird with the portholes was such a joy to sit in. You can see the latest models and future design concepts right in front of your eyes.
DMK presented their Naughty Christmas Party. I was especially fond of Rose and Darla-my two favorites. Very sexy, curvaceous, and pleasant to speak to. Thank you Rose and Darla for the visual eye candy and the pleasure of seeing you dance. Rose and Darla, let me invite you to some celebrity parties.
Launch Party for the Universal Studios and the New Media Film Studio-Within-A-Studio Hypnotic.com to celebrate their partnership and the Hypnotic Million Dollar Film Festival at the beautiful sophisticated Knitting Factory Nightclub. I can see why they call it Hypnotic.com. The films that were screened indeed put me into a state of hypnotic bliss. Very creative images. I'm looking forward to seeing what the content of hypnotic.com is all about. Hit their website hypnotic.com and you'll enjoy these very interesting and provocative short films that are loaded with creativity. My eyes were having a treat going back and forth between the go go girls and the hypnotic.com images. The reception at the Knitting Factory was my favorite type of reception with the ultra gourmet hors d'oeuvres. Each hors d'oeuvre was a taste treat in itself with an explosion of taste sensation and its delicacy and flavor. I must also compliment the friendliness and good spirits of the waiters and waitresses at the Knitting Factory. They were exceptionally courteous. Also it was a tremendously pleasing impression that the hors d'oeuvres kept coming out and coming out and coming out. They did not just last for 20 minutes and then were all gone. Thank you hypnotic.com for the plentiful gourmet hors d'oeuvres. Thank you hypnotic.com for a very impressive launch event. The Public Relations was handled by mPRm Public Relations. They are an excellent public relations company and handle many of the top events. We thank you mPRm Public Relations for allowing us to write up our comments for this event and your future events. Event was produced by FourFront of New York City.
Nathalie Dubois is another top party promoter. Her fashion show parties are among the best in the city. Highly recommended. She is known for her fabulous parties.
Party with Dennis Rodman to launch his website Rodmantv.com. You can imagine what a party with Dennis Rodman would be like. I'm sorry you had to miss it. With go-go girls and crazy, colorful characters. A truly wild party.
Model's Party at BARFLY. Every Friday Billy Adkins, Alex Nicole, and Chris Whalley host one of the consistently best parties in the city. Every Friday night is honoring a different model. There are loads of gorgeous models. Believe me, this is one of the hottest parties in town, with wall-to-wall gorgeous people. The model that is having the party invites new gorgeous girlfriends. This is a special experience every Friday night at BARFLY. I am very happy to compliment the great weekly party of Billy Adkins, Alex Nicole, and Chris Whalley.
PAUL RYAN comedy showcase is a one-of-a-kind experience. Located at CBS Studio Center in Studio City performers show their improvisational skills and must have an instantaneous reaction to create many varied and colorful characters. An enjoyable and uplifting experience.
Singles Dinner Parties by Aaron Deutsch. A very friendly atmosphere and food prepared by someone who loves to prepare food and loves to serve it. A very loving and nurturing atmosphere. Ask me when the next one is planned.
Fashion Bash LA at the Sports Club/LA to benefit Westside Children's Center. One of the most gorgeous models I have ever seen was Cassandra Hitti. She is a breathtaking Eurasian model who really knows how to work the runway. In addition, when I spoke with her, she had the most adorable and elegant English accent.
BRENT BOLTHOUSE party at a spectacular mansion on Mulholland Drive. Thank you Brent for having a party with the classiest people and great vibrations. Brent, you are the best. Bill Maher, although may be politically incorrect, was seen standing with the most beautiful woman at the party. He is certainly correct in his choice of women.
Tom Leykis (97.1 FM Los Angeles 3-8pm M-F) movie premiere of BLOW ME UP TOM at the Key Club. As usual, Tom Leykis was full of frivolity and had gorgeous babes with him on stage with tons of people. There were the Leykettes, very sexy girls that were easy on the eyes. Also a couple of girls bared their breasts to have the privilege of getting them signed by Tom. The highlight of the evening was Tom saying "Hey you guys, do you believe I get paid for this?"
Let's hear it for Hoot, Hoot, Hooters. The opening party of the new hooters in Pasadena was not exactly what you'd call dignified, sophisticated, or elegant. If your idea of having a good time at a raucous party with Hooter girls standing on tables and singing Hooter's songs, you should have been with me. A Hooters party is a one-of-a-kind experience with everyone letting their hair down and having a good time. We recommend Hooters if you like to look at the cutest waitresses in town. The Hooters girls are so naturally flirtatious and cute it is impossible not to have a good time enjoying your meal. We recommend the extra spicy buffalo wings.
Exciting fashion show with some of the sexiest models I have ever seen at the beautiful Lura Starr boutique. Followed by a reception where the models mingled with the audience. Normally, when going to a fashion show, you have to see the models in the distance on some remote stage. Here, the models walked right next to you so close that you could almost hear their heartbeats.
Aeolian Ballet Theatre film and wonderful gourmet reception with salmon, and tofu with a delightful pesto sauce, chicken, salad, and dessert. A wonderful organization, and a wonderful film.
One of the most entertaining and interesting party hosts in Los Angeles is the world famous sex doctor DR. SUSAN BLOCK. She rolls around in her lingerie on her bed and interviews her guests while her live internet show is performed every Saturday night at drsusanblock.com. It is one of the most interesting and unique experiences. Thank you, Dr. Suzy. Your audience is so sensual and special and unlike any other in Los Angeles.
Whole Life Expo. with delicious samples of all kinds of healthy things from health bars to 4 different kinds of water from magnetized to blessed to drinking to oxygenated plus all kinds of green juices. Truly paradise if you like this kind of event.
Steve Kaufman Studio Parties. Steve Kaufman was the former assistant to Andy Warhol. One was hosted by actor Tom Arnold and another was a wonderful Halloween party filled with very eclectic people, a really wild mix of colorful characters.
DENNIS WONG has absolutely the most incredible parties in Los Angeles. His parties always have more beautiful women than any other party. A typical Dennis Wong party has 400 women and 300 men. Ask me when the next one is.
Fabulous Gold's Gym Anniversary Celebration with many different kinds of food and a terrific crowd. There were muscles all over the place on both male and female body builders. Wow, the female body builders are something else. They've got muscles on top of muscles that normally women don't even have.
French American Chamber of Commerce Gourmet Wine Tasting. There were about 20 food tasting stations sponsored by different companies from France. Different pates, cheeses, breads, fruit, and smoked salmon and French pastries for dessert and ooh la la, a lot of sexy French women. A wonderful job. A very classy event.
Mac Africa is one of the top party promoters in Los Angeles. Her parties are always sensational. A great party of Mac's was the hat party. Normally, a shy person at a party who wouldn't talk to many other people has the wonderful ease of saying to someone, "Oh, that's a great hat you have". Thank you, Mac for having your hat party. Please, please, please have another hat party soon.
I want to commend the excellent security at the DIRECTOR'S GUILD OF AMERICA. They finally know who the illegitimate crashers are by face and they keep them out. I'm glad I am a legitimate journalist and have a legitimate vehicle to publicize events in advance and do write-ups on the events afterwards, so I can justify my presence. I'm sure I am speaking for all the entertainment industry when I say thank you DGA security personnel for knowing by face who the illegitimate crashers are who do nothing professionally.
Opening party at Noelle Women's Boutique. Everywhere you turned there was a new gorgeous model both male and female. Followed by a wonderful fashion show with terrific clothes. Delicious food was also served. This was a Lenetta Kidd Production. Lenetta Kidd is another top party promoter known for the highest quality parties.
FIRST STAGE PLAYWRIGHT'S Acting Showcase with CASSANDRA HITTI. The scene was from "Hookers" by Dan Farren with Cassandra Hitti and Richard Varga. Very well acted by both performers. I have seen many actresses, but I have never seen an actress with the unique combination of wonderful characteristics that Cassandra Hitti has. She has a smoldering presence that is so very classy and understated and so sensual. The tone and timber of her voice is so pleasant to listen to with her very elegant and sophisticated English accent. The cadence of her speech is so pleasing to listen to. Her beauty is so profound that is impossible not to look at her. For a young lady to walk like a ballerina and to have an innate seductress quality to me is the highest degree of femininity. This is my opinion of what Cassandra Hitti has. Believe me, she is going to be a big star. You heard it here first. She has the most unique combination of characteristics. Her grace and elegance is unsurpassed. Her Asian features are classic. Her movements are a joy to behold. The golden tone of her skin is so beautiful. The emotions she portrayed in these scenes were a foreshadowing of what is to come in the future from this gifted actress. Look for her in the upcoming CINETEL and HBO film "Past Tense". The acting performance of Richard Varga was excellent also. I would like to see the entire play "Hookers" by Dan Farren sometime. It was very well written. Cassandra, does it sound like I think you are indeed so very special?
BERLIN live from the 2nd row. What a show. Dynamic, high energy, and every performer giving 120%. Totally satisfying and enjoyable. This event was at the GRAND AVENUE CLUB, the #1 nightclub in downtown Los Angeles-an exciting place to visit. The sound and lighting was fabulous. Very roomy. The facility holds 1,000. With salsa dancing and 1,000 people every Friday and Saturday night.
Rhode Island Film Commission Party in a Penthouse. The food was ultra-gourmet and out of this world.
The All New Knitting Factory receptions with the most delicious food and desserts and three full floors to roam. Also, you can surf on the 8 computers located all around.
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity question and answer session with Steve Martin where you can ask whatever you want and Steve Martin candidly answered.
Art Gallery with one of the best exhibitions and parties I've ever been to with 40 hula girls statues with motors inside doing the hula.
"God Didn't Make Little Green Apples" composer O.C. Smith who is now a minister. Reception with the most incredible fruit punch with 18 ingredients. The best I have ever tasted.
TV Academy Awards and Fashion Show at the Beverly Wilshire. This was one of the most elegant and surprise-filled fashion shows. The celebrities and outfits were just truly inspirational. A first-class event and truly a memorable evening. Very, very nice people. The fashion show was for the EMMY AWARD nominees costume designers.
Reception with Dennis the Menace Creator Hank Ketchum. Practically everyone in the world has heard of the Dennis the Menace comic strip and this was a wonderful opportunity to meet the creator of it.
Falkenstein-Willard Magic Show. Glenn Falkenstein and Frances Willard always perform an incredible show. Their varied effects are so entertaining and simply amazing. They are the best at what they do. The show moved along at a snappy pace and it was an unbelievable experience.
Absolutvodka.com cocktail receptions with their flavored vodkas that are so unique and delicious and flavorful. The Absolut parties are supervised by Mr. Bryan Carter, who does a masterful job of presentation. Very classy indeed.
The Fenix at the Argyle movie premiere party. Elegant crowd, sexy women, and an ambience that you remember. Truly a special event that I enjoyed very much.
Private party in a mansion with top record producer Michael O'Connor. A very friendly atmosphere and the house is amazing. All the platinum albums were exciting to look at.
Delightful evening at the opening of the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. Character actor award presented to Martin Landau. Others in attendance included Karen Black and Daniel Baldwin. A sensational celebrity fashion show by Elisabetta Rogiani opened the evening with Apollonia, Traci Bingham, Angelica Bridges, Christa Campbell, Jeanene Fox and more. If this wasn't enough, the films were exceptionally good, every one was well written and brilliantly executed and very creative. Finally, a wonderful spread of food. A truly enjoyable evening.
Interview with Mel Gibson live in person and an advance screening of his film. What could be better than to see a film before it hits the theaters and before it is reviewed. You can see the film without preconceptions.
Swatch Watch at the Beverly Hills Hotel with the most gourmet and highest degree of creative food. The ambience of the one-of-a-kind Beverly Hills Hotel makes you feel so special when you walk in.
Larchmont Street Restaurant Tasting. Wonderful pasta, the most superb I have had in a long time. Also, chicken with a memorable sauce. Louise's Trattoria and others were represented.
MOULIN ROUGE is such a unique and fascinating film. It is a film of passion, of longing, of wanting, of hopes and of dreams. I really felt like I was watching a play. It felt so alive to me. I really felt like I was living in that time period and experiencing what the people in the film were going thru. At the end of the advanced pre-review screening that I saw, everyone was in a hushed state, all of them transfixed on the screen. How often things do not work out when passions and emotions are in high gear.
HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE. What an incredible experience. I have to say most emphatically more than any other movie that I've seen recently "IT ALL STARTS WITH THE SCRIPT." The author of this book is such an incredible, inventive writer. Can you imagine sitting down to a blank piece of paper and coming up with one exciting moment after another after another after another. This is really an example of the conceptual images being derived from the book and what a book it must be. I haven't read a book since high school, but I can imagine reading this book and not wanting to put it down. Fortunately, I sat back in my easy chair in the theater and viewed an incredible movie.
THE SCORE has dramatic tension. It is always fascinating to see Marlon Brando because he doesn't have to say anything but his facial expressions convey a thousand words. Robert De Niro makes any movie interesting. A very well executed movie.
AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS was genuine and funny. A well-made film that really holds your interest from beginning to end. The opening segments were especially good. The film started off with a lot of nonstop witty one-liners. I felt like I was experiencing the same things that the characters were experiencing throughout the film.
A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is a very thought-provoking film. I think Steven Spielberg did a wonderful job capturing Stanley Kubrick's vision. I would have loved to see Kubrick's version of this film, however. It features stunning visuals and an amazing performance by Haley Joel Osment. It is an intelligent and beautifully made film.
SWORDFISH is a very tight, very clever, well written film. It is brilliantly conceived and features excellent acting. It is engaging from the very first frame. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
SHREK. I ordinarily don't like animation, but this film was a treat. A well-written story with superb voices this story touched me. Even though it was an animated film, I really felt like I knew each character personally and was engaged by their personality. Their were very moving moments in the film.
Screening of THE ANNIVERSARY PARTY. What a wonderful experience it is to view a quality ensemble cast film. This concept is so delightful and intriguing and it keeps your attention every minute of the film. This is how I view a quality film. I felt an empathy with every single character and I want to hear the lines of what every single character says. You get to know each personality and you either like or dislike them or find them pleasant or quirky. But the joy of an ensemble cast film is you delve yourself into the personality traits of each character. You don't need explosions or car chases and special effects to have a quality and enjoyable film. The entire film was shot at a party in a home. It kept my attention from beginning to end.
BLOW was a super-fascinating movie. Johnny Depp was marvelous and riveted you in and made you feel many emotions. Penelope Cruz showed the gamut of her acting skills as the wife. Penelope, I didn't know you could talk so dirty. The ending was very creatively written where Johnny Depp fantasized about having his daughter with him in the courtyard of the prison. I liked the final touch of showing the real photo of the world's most famous drug dealer.
CHOCOLAT is a wonderful affirmation of life and freedom from the constraints that so many want to put us in. A beautiful story with exciting acting demonstrated throughout. I left the film feeling refreshed.
HEARTBREAKERS is a surprising film. I didn't expect it to be this good, but it was. It is billed as a comedy, but it is not that far off from the truth. A very effective performance from Jennifer Love Hewitt.
CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON is an amazing film. Some of the best fight sequences I have ever seen. The movie flows along so effortlessly. There is a real meditative stillness present throughout the film. Totally engrossing and captivating.
I can see why it made $70 million dollars the first weekend. THE MUMMY RETURNS is the best all out summer escapist movie I have ever seen in my life. I thought I was going to be challenged to keep my interest from scene to scene, that there surely would be some low point and some lagging of my interest. Boy, was I wrong. Every single scene one after another was absolutely sensational. No boring moments. I commend Universal and the director for knowing how to make a summer blockbuster entertainment vehicle par excellance. What is going to happen to top this next summer?
If you like a cast of quirky, eclectic, and eccentric characters, then THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL is the film for you. I especially liked Bud Cort's performance. When he is on the screen, I just have to watch him. His facial expressions were so entertaining in the film. Even in a two second shot, his facial expressions are meaningful. The editor is always wise to include him. Wim Wenders the director always has a unique vision which is always fascinating to watch.
ALMOST FAMOUS is a wonderful film that explores relationships. It does so in such a genuine way that the movie makes for a very satisfying experience and is highly recommended. The confusion, the uncertainty, the jealousy, the caring, the missing, the yearning are all experienced. It does all this against the backdrop of the music business and is probably the best movie to illustrate the music business ever done.
Advance Screening of SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE with Willem Dafoe. What a creative and wonderful film. This is Willem Dafoe's best role-a performance of a lifetime. Every second of the film I found myself glued to the screen. Truly imaginative and brilliant and what acting was meant to be.
QUILLS delivers an amazing performance by Geoffrey Rush as Marat Sade and it is a movie that totally comes together on all levels. The conflict the priest goes thru is really clear played by Joaquin Phoenix and the love of the maid for Marat Sade is wonderfully acted by Kate Winslet. She is a delightful actor to watch.
CENTER OF THE WORLD was worth seeing. The independent nature of the film and the graininess of the photography added to its realness. It captured the emotions, feelings and perspectives from both the woman's and the man's side. One of the best films ever done about the adult entertainment industry.
Advanced screening of THE CLAIM. It is a very richly textured film that does what a good film should do. It transports you into another world circa 1800's mountain wilderness. Highly recommended.
POLLOCK really conveys the difficulties that can happen in a relationship. Marcia Gay Harden was wonderful. I was torn apart when she was torn apart. She was able to convey the emotional conflicts with such finesse.
Advance Screening of CASTAWAY with Tom Hanks. It is very difficult to be by yourself on the screen and be interesting. Tom Hanks pulled this off so well. The end of the film about re-entry into the world was true genius. The last shot of the film when the Tom Hanks character was facing different choices was cinema at its best. That moment captured on the screen so well was just brilliant. Anyone who has been there can certainly relate to it, but I think the film has the amazing ability to reach out to all viewers and make the experience real for them also.
SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET. I happened to catch this movie again the other day and I was captivated by it from beginning to end. A wonderful story of transformation and relationships and friendships. To my understanding it is a true story, so that makes it even more fascinating.
THE GIFT really captures the small town atmosphere so well. Cate Blanchett delivers another fine performance.
O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU is a delight to watch. It has some breathtaking cinematic moments and mixing of sound and image. Plus the film is a lot of fun to watch and has so much inventiveness and creativity it makes every moment a new discovery.
THE WEDDING PLANNER is a film that illustrates how people should not give up their dreams and should not ignore their inner feelings. It shows how we should all go after what we truly want in a relationship.
THE PLEDGE features superb acting. It illustrates just what can happen when you decide to do the right thing and take it to the limit. One day you are a hero and everyone likes you, the next day an outcast and completely misunderstood.
TWO NINAS is a film that is very easy to take, very charming, and very pleasant throughout. Not one minute was boring.
IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE. If you like a film where every moment is magnified and full of nuance and subtle meaning, then this is a film for you.
WHEN BILLIE BEAT BOBBY premiere starring Holly Hunter as Billie Jean King and Ron Silver as Bobby Riggs. It is fun to remember when events that are part of Americana happened. I remember where I was when the famous match happened in 1973. This telefilm was enjoyable. It certainly was a part of Americana and I'm glad they made this film. It is certainly nice to see chartreuse and orange back in style. Ron Silver is certainly one of the best and most versatile actors for my money, from attorney Shapiro in the OJ film to "Billionaire Boys Club". This guy is an actor's actor. Can someone get a message to Ron Silver? "How much will it cost me now, Ron, to do a week with you in "El Grand de Coca Cola" at the Whiskey? Hey, those were the days, weren't they?
Film Premieres and Parties at the Pastoral, Idyllic Setting of American Film Institute.
PeaceTrees Vietnam Fashion Show at the prestigious Sunset Room.
Free Pay-Per-View Fight Screenings.
Gourmet Reception at a Country Club.
Charles Nelson Reilly premier party.
Chasen's after Academy Award Party.
Marilyn Manson.
VIP opening with incredible buffet at Hollywood Park Race Track.
VIP Party Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Tribute with Steve Allen, Shecky Greene, Carl Reiner, and Sid Caesar Live in Person.
Film Premiere followed by another gourmet reception with the stars of the film.
Valley Ball, Spearmint Rhino, and New Jet Strip Receptions with naked girls and complimentary food.
FRIENDS TV Show tribute.
Bristol Farms grand opening.
Independent Music Awards.
All night Fetish Party at a Secret Location.
Gallery Openings.
VIP area Baywatch Talent Search Finals.
Gospel Brunch House of Blues.
IWON $10 Million Dollar Giveaway.
Loft Parties.
Miss Beverly Hills Pageant.
Party in a Furniture Store with Gourmet Food.
Jeff Goldblum playing jazz piano.
Penthouse discussions and receptions at a museum.
Cajun Lunch Party.
Foam Party.
Kim Carnes in concert.
Reception with Leslie Ann Warren as Hostess.
VIP entrance at parties.
Beverly Hills Christmas Parade.
Independent Film Awards.
Parties and Screenings Director's Guild.
Delicious Honey Baked Ham Party.
Italian Cultural Reception.
Business Mixers.
Robby Krieger Band.
Frank Sinatra tribute.
Studio Parties.
Dennis Hopper Reception.
L.A. Opera Tribute.
Movie Premieres.
Backstage taping with Dr. Dre.
Premiere Parties.
Anthony Hopkins making a presentation at a church.
Women Rock Show live taping including Heart and Sheryl Crowe.
An entertaining discussion between Bill Margold and Ray Engel.
Opportunity to ask anything you want to Michael Caine.
Hollywood Park VIP Area.
Hair Stylist Awards and Party.
Steve Allen performing and singing and most recently, a memorial service to Steve Allen at a piano store.
Receptions including food.
An Evening with Aaron Spelling followed by a delicious reception.
Erotic Art Party.
Jewish Mixer.
Internet Launch Party at the Playboy Mansion.
Seinfeld Tribute.
Japan Expo.
Student Academy Awards.
Elton John live in concert.
Professional Wrestling.
Adult Film Awards.
Dinner at The Palm Restaurant.
Comedy Central South Park Party at the exciting Conga Room.
DASK Party.
Backstage at Fashion Shows and Concerts.
TITANIC at Ahmanson.
Post-Premiere Parties.
National Tour Army Marching Band at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
Play Openings.
VIP section at Festivals.
Dinner at a Penthouse in Westwood.
Christmas Tree lighting ceremony with Mayor Riordan and many restaurant tastings.
Playwrite Kitchen Ensemble Theatrical Readings. Many times with top stars.
Tribute to James Brown, John Lennon, Richie Valens, Bob Dylan.
Fitness Expo.
Moody Blues.
Miss Hawaiian Tropic Competition backstage.
Private House Parties.
Underground Party at New Subway Station.
House of Blues Parties.
Private Party with Adult Film Star.
Mort Sahl Live.
Sunset Strip Billboard Awards.
Art colony party.
Professor's Reception U.C.L.A.
Internet presentation with gourmet dinner.
Backstage at Beauty Pageants.
Wild and Crazy Party with go go girls and topless dance routines.
Reception at Consul General's Elegant Residence.
Pimp and Ho Ball.
Pre-Release Passes for Film Screenings.
Celine Dion.
Movieline Young Hollywood Awards and Party.
Teen Awards Show.
Kobe Bryant ADIDAS launch party at The Pool.
Jethro Tull.
Young Hollywood Awards and Party.
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
Party to reveal the sensational new Lexus 2001 automobile.
VIP area L.A. Street Race.
3rd Row at rarely performing Billy Idol.
Party at a Tatoo Parlor.
Private Dining Experience with Chef at Key Club.
Rudolf Valentino Tribute at a Cemetery.
CECELIA NOEL, hot salsa show at the Key Club; and it is not too late, she will be performing many times in the future. Believe me, your first time seeing the CECELIA NOEL show is going to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. You will want to see her again and treat your friends.
Very elegant, exquisite catering faire with tastings from many different caterers. Gourmet foods that were so delicious and desserts galore. Entirely free to anyone who knew about it. I tell you about parties where there is absolutely no problem getting in. Free Admission, Free Food, and Free Drinks. Obviously, it is a matter of me sharing my knowledge with you.

Listings change daily.  RAY ENGEL.